Weekly Wins 4-22-2022

Ok, we know the deal. Wins, you got em I wanna hear about em, so spill. No win too big no win too small.

Small one - my lien holder finally got around to sending me the paperwork I needed to register my car so that’s done.

Zebra Motionworks is set up on the two fields and ready for the round robins and Einstein and it didnt even take that long :slight_smile:


I finally did the thing my friends, enemies, colleagues and esteemed nerds had been bugging me to for quite a while; I got a new job!

Better hours, better pay, way shorter commute, and stuff that’s technically interesting to boot.

Thanks to everyone who got me closer to that :slight_smile:


We qualified for Champs 2023!


Finished attending class for undergrad. Then flew to Houston the next morning. It’s pretty freaking awesome to be back at worlds again.


Our field reset team was selected to host either Mass or Energy for this years’ Einstein divisions

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Watching 3128 win the GP award. Despite not being at Champs, helping coordinate getting help to the Turkish teams in attendance, and seeing thru Slack everyone’s willingness to jump and help others out was so warming to see. May Aluminum Assistance continue for many years to come.

Otherwise, seeing all the items the students managed to trade for. Apparently, the shirt stock they brought to Houston has completely run dry :sweat_smile: Glad to see narwhals are as popular as ever.


I’ve got two wins. First, I managed to get my hands on a 118 xs polo for a mentor, which was genuinely insane to find. Second, my team has reached a new high. We ranked higher than we ever have before and I am so glad my senior year can have a wonderful capstone after the past couple years.


Got a job :smile:


The FLL team I have been mentoring for the last two years received an invitation to compete at the FLL World Festival two weeks ago. They had a lot of fun seeing all the other teams at their level and their robot game score got them ranked at 41 out of around 108 teams.

On the Wednesday evening, I lead some members of the FRC team I will be mentoring for a tour of the pits to meet with and talk to some of the more accomplished teams and learn from them. Thanks to the team members from 1678, 5406 and 1619 for speaking with them and generously sharing your knowledge about so many different topics.

I was also able to pick the brains of many well respected mentors from many of the top teams in the world, many of whom normally don’t come to Houston Champs.

Lastly, I was able to renew a lot of friendships and make many new ones.


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