Weekly Wins 4-9-2021

Well it sounds like the at home challenges are over. Scores are in and we can all relax.

So let’s all share what we thought was awesome this week.

For me - idk. It’s been a stressful week but I think we’ve come out of it with a plan forward. (I’m being vague on purpose. But this is good and hopefully the start of resolving some issues they’ve been a thing since this thread started.)


The weather in New England has taken a turn for the better, so I was able to play some disc golf yesterday after we submitted our IR@H scores.

More and more people I know are getting vaccinated.

And our team did well in our group and is excited to take on the next projects!

Honestly the best week I’ve had in a while :slight_smile:


My bout of LMS (Low Motivation Syndrome) is almost over… I think.
I’ve surfed 3 days this week (spring break).
IR@H is over.

Update: almost forgot I went to that Angels v White Sox game Easter Sunday. It was a doozy!


:crab: IR@H is done! :crab:

We finished 3rd in our group, which we are really happy with considering #1 and #2 were 118 and 5460.


Finished 8th in our IR@H group

Started work on reorganizing our storage space into a more useful configuration and making parts easier to find and get at

Got dose 1 of the moderna vaccine


Got a “Back to Shop” date set (May 8th)
Got considered “vaccinated” by the CDC and went to see a movie in a theater to celebrate.
Been a good week.


Finished 6th in Bromine, and started a 3-week break from robotics.

Dropped my girlfriend off for her first Pfizer shot!


Submitted IR@H, marked off one month left until a rough junior year ends (not really but once AP testing is over its basically all over), and the team has started ordering some parts to for next year. Began my 30 week break from CheifDelphi, see you then .


I now have more Covid Vaccine doses in me than the average toaster!

Also, tonight is my dance concert! And I finished a 6 hour exam this morning!

Currently on hour 7.5 of “hip to be square” playing on repeat just to spite a friend. It’s played through the exam, and online class, and an entire dance workshop. Goal is to get to 12 hours!

“Carl, are you alright?”
“Who care’s, if this isn’t alright I’m still having a blast”


I signed the lease on a new apartment! I’ll have the bottom floor of a duplex with my own yard (one step closer to getting a dog!), and I’ll have my own place with no roommates for the first time. It’s also right next to a bunch of parks and open space preserves, not much farther from work than where I am now, and I have two weeks of overlap between leases which should make moving less stressful.


Finally, Finally, Finally got my Tech Lead at work to assist me with cleanup of all the 2+ year old tickets from the previous iteration of our team that have long since been abandoned in our product backlog. (Reduced Backlog from 303 to 95) !!! I’m SO Happy!!!


We didn’t submit all our skills runs due to a bunch of issues on the days we were aiming to do them, ranging from NEOs smoking up and our sparks destroying the CANbus to our balls absorbing too much water as a consequence of wind blowing rain into the last-minute covered area we found near our space, meaning they would barely shoot at all. That being said, we still built a really solid robot this year, especially with covid, and I’m super proud of what we managed to pull off.

  • Finished INFINITE RECHARGE at Home
    • Recorded a perfect-for-what-we-can-hit accuracy challenge run
    • Stood in as human player for a few Power Port Challenge runs and didn’t die
    • Finished with a robot that gives us lots of development opportunities into the fall, and that’s not even a diplomatic way of saying “it’s a piece of junk”–it’s a really fun robot as it is. We have one drivetrain issue to debug that surely held us back a bit in recorded runs, then it’s ready for a demo.
  • Received our new-to-us Omio X8 router, the first time the team has had in-house CNC access since about 2014. (Getting it dialed in for our shop will be much of our spring.)
  • Started development on 2022 plans
  • Tonight starts an uninterrupted weekend with my better half, the first we’ve had in weeks. (See: Finished INFINITE RECHARGE at Home)

We’re playing INFINITE RECHARGE in person!


And one of our students, Jonathan, is moving on as a Deans List Semi Finalist, couldn’t be more proud of the entire team!

  • Got good internship news for this summer!!! Hoping to get it finalized soon.
  • Freshmen started building their robots for our late spring/early summer design competition. I’ve been manufacturing the drivetrains for them for 3 weeks (It took a total of 47 different setups and learning alot of new skills to get it done) and it’s awesome to see them coming together almost like big lego sets. Super excited for what is to come.
  • IR@home got submitted. Even though we didn’t do as well as some of our programmers hoped, we still learned a ton of new and valuable things and we are better for it!
  • I committed to college!!! TAMU class of 2025! Gig em!
Bad News

School admin struck down our plan to go to the texas cup this summer. Super bummed but we are planning on challenging the decision. We will see how it goes.


CNC router time!



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I’m personally a fan of OWIO as it’s OMIO flipped on its head.


Oh yeah, one of our kiddos got dean’s list semifinalist, and I’m so proud of him. I stayed up until 6 writing his essay, so it was really satisfying to see him get some recognition for everything he’s done for our program :slight_smile: