Weekly Wins 5-14-2021

(You can always tell the weeks I do this from a laptop vs my phone cuz the laptop weeks have gifs)

What went well? Award ceremonies should be wrapping up so I expect a few of those wins.

For me - this is my last full week of work for about a month. I’m taking off to go visit the other half’s family which will probably involve a lot of debugging robots. I’ve also made a lot of progress in rewriting some old code. Though still fighting on and off with getting protobufs to work in frc c++ projects so if anyone has exp in that space and has a set up that works id love to hear it.


I graduate from highschool tomorrow!


Our team’s about halfway through leadership interviews for next year and they’re going really well! I was pleased to see applications from people I didn’t expect (both new members, and returning members who have been rather shy in the past), as well as some candidates with very detailed plans for how they want to improve the team. We still have a bunch more interviews to go so it’s not certain yet how it will all shake out, but I’m feeling very good about the pool we have to choose from.

Also, our F4 CADathon team of two new members and one returning sophomore placed 22nd! CADathons are one of the few activities our team members do with zero mentor oversight or involvement, and I’m always proud of the way they take initiative and impressed by what they come up with :slight_smile:

  1. Graduated from high school
  2. 35% pay raise at work to fund college this fall
  3. Entire workplace is fully vaccinated so no more masks woohoo!!!

Our FRC and FTC teams both got invited to march in the homecoming parade (which was yesterday) for the first time. So, that was cool. And we even had some fans along the way!


Fully vaccinated! Full protection in two weeks!


Getting half vaxed tomorrow cause the FDA finally approved it for 12-15 and the public school system finally did something right by opening a vaccination site at my school. Also tomorrow is the FMA awards show so I get to find out about Dean’s List and Game Design awards. Sorta a good week I guess.


I graduated college today!


Took a vacation day and went to the zoo. After buying a carload of flowers this morning. Tonight and tomorrow we have to plant them …


Funny, I was attacked by the same guy with a needle that got me about 3 weeks ago.

And I also started the two week immunotraining session.


Finished finals and came in to work with a company credit card on my desk.

Now, truly nothing can stop me from buying the giant jars of Jelly Bellies at Costco and keeping them in my desk.


I finished putting together my second awards ceremony video 2 days sooner than I expected today, that’s super exciting. The first one I was working on pretty much right until it was broadcast. That’s a pretty big win in my book.


In a year I’ll be a college graduate!


Finished my last class for my masters (MS Science Ed)… just need that thesis turned in.
Drove my 1960 Jeep project around several blocks and it didn’t explode.


Got shot two of Moderna and booked plane tickets to see my partner this summer! School also seems to be winding down


I was released from the hospital this past week. I had a tear in my dura mater in my neck causing a spinal fluid leak, low intracranial pressure headaches, and eventually subdural hematoma. I’m finally on the road to recovery and starting to feel good. Unfortunately I can’t drive for a little bit because of the meds they sent me home with and will be out of work for another few weeks after that. I’ve been having these low pressure spinal fluid headaches for over a month, and highly do not recommend.


Made some decent progress on a prototype this week.


The rookie FLL team I have been mentoring since last summer won the 1st Place Innovation Project Award at the East Texas event. They missed the Robot Performance Awards by around 20 points (4th to 6th place, I am guessing). They are also one of 10 teams advancing to the Texas Cup event in June.

I am typing this while waiting for the first live performance by the Houston Grand Opera in over a year to start :slight_smile:


Didn’t get my 5G yet but got the Flu shot, I’m really proud of our new FTC team as they finished the CAD of their first bot

  • My better half got her second dose yesterday
  • My mom’s Christmas-turned-Mothers-Day gift (a big chest freezer) was finally delivered this morning after weeks of being out-of-stock and other malarkey
  • Looks like we’ve got at least one new recruit, barring any surprises
  • The team’s Omio inches ever closer to being fully operational