Weekly Wins 5-19-2023

We’re in the off season now, so less robot wins more just general wins. What’s happening this week?

For me - had some good success to start with some vision stuff I’m playing with and coming back up to speed on FRC programming is going nice (look, it’s been a while since the last time I was really involved in programming on a team things have changed a lot since then)


Made great headway on a short story for an anthology call, and sold two science articles.


Been really spending a lot of time on Tears of the Kingdom, it’s been a great bonding experience for the Fiancee and I because we don’t play a lot of video games together, if at all. We both really liked BotW so having time now that the game is out, and with robotics being in off season, is perfect! We cleared one temple and a major section of the story this week.

I’ve been spending a lot of my other free time learning about NodeJS and communication with external websockets. Building little demo websites, trying out login auth, registration, etc. I’ve made them all before but with php and older methods. It was definitely time to update my knowledge of modern backend web development. Hopefully some of that will be transferable to my Students for some of their analytics projects.


I’ve been fighting a system at work all week trying to update it.

I’m still fighting, but at least the OS on the controller is back up, ‘cause it wasn’t yesterday! (Pesky disk stuff… and anybody who thinks I’m a programmer, you got another think comin’.)

Once I sort through a connection issue it should be functional and I can focus elsewhere for a while.


My 2 volunteer gigs intersected again this week.

I was volunteering at the Detroit Zoo directing school groups getting off their buses and to the entrance gate (48 buses one day, 53 the other). I saw 2 FRC shirts. One I don’t remember the number now, the other was the mom/chaperone of an elementary group with a Goon Squad sweatshirt.


Since we acquired our Omio and the people knowledgeable in running it, it’s been a mentor-only affair. Not out of some grand conspiracy, just plain bandwidth (especially as we only really got it running often around MLK Day this year).

So this week, we finally started walking some of our veteran kids through CAM and running the router to get some prototype parts to test ahead of SCRAP.

Also spent two days at Certified Internet Privacy Technologist training at work, because if you aren’t rolling forward you’re rolling backwards.


Order sent. We’re finally getting back on the swerve train.


Personal projects are making great progress. Team’s t-shirt cannon and Neo Swerve are going well.
Only 17 days left of school, 4 of which are finals.
Summer job is set up.

Overall been a great week!


Oh order more parts for motor in wheel swerve again?

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Sadly there is no COTS motor-in-wheel swerve available. And so thanks to R302 the originals sit in cold storage tote never to see competition again.


I finished all my missing math homework from this semester


Successfully played my last concert of the year. Where I played 23 songs in a row. :stuck_out_tongue:


We had great turnout for an Austin Area Mentor meetup this week. Looking forward to it becoming a regular thing!


Better than playing them concurrently. :smile:

Seriously, unless they were really short songs, that’s a pretty long concert.


Yeah, we had to combine two concerts into one. Originally it was going to be two on separate days, but lacrosse and baseball conflicts meant we had to combine it all into one. Ended up taking nearly 3 hours :slight_smile:

Luckily, during the first half I was switching between jazz and steel drums so I didn’t totally kill my mouth lol


Now that senior year is almost done ive been able to have a lot more time to rest, but this week was real fun since there was a graduation party, senior awards night, district awards night, and then im going to another thing tonight. A lot more fun than ap physics :slight_smile:


Our hackathon team won the competition with a score of 33 to second place’s 20 out of 18 teams. We also had the best setup at the competition.

We also got 6th place out of 50 teams at another competition this week.

My sister had her second Bharatanatyam (dance) performance. She also competed at the multi-state level for gymnastics and got a new personal best of 36.7


offseason robot drove for the first time on friday!



(almost) finished repairing Sir Gary completely, all functions work and the Arduino code is in process to make it a fully functional and safe demo robot