Weekly Wins 5-24-2024

Any good wins this week? Cool stuff that happened? Things that didn’t go awful?


It’s been a while since we played this, been spending a bunch of time while my other half was recovering playing.


Work has been pretty good this week. got to start practicing repair cell phones. Also Im very lucky cause I came close to an accident at work today. I was filling a battery with acid when the jug slipped. Thankfully it slipped away from me and onto the counter.


Made sure it wasnt transparent.


An old friend of mine texted and told me he looks up to me, and that’s a high I haven’t felt in a long time. (Also it’s high praise, considering he goes to an Ivy League University and is a great guy himself) Also currently watching the best show on earth.


Which show? :slight_smile:

Jurassic World Chaos Theory


It looks cool, got to add that to my watchlist!

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Made coolant soup


Well, I was shopping and the other person had an Indoraptor toy I thought my nephew would like but the checkout didn’t apply the discount (marked down to $10). The clerk overrode the price. And the other customer said that there was a second one in the discount section, so I went and grabbed it. So that was a win this week.

We were getting flowers to go clean up grave sites for memorial day. It was a beautiful day, and I tried a new BBQ joint, Leroy’s, that turned out to be pretty good. Typically I try to stop on my way home at Guys & Mae’s Tavern, which has good ribs, but we were later going yesterday. We made 8 cemeteries in 3 counties and saw a lot of country.

We had a nice award night this week for the team. The weather was great, we held it outdoors at the Powell Observatory. Our “Are you smarter than a FIRST senior?” game probably needs a few less questions, but it was dark by the time we finished, which did let some go look through the telescope. But being the moon was pretty much full, the options were limited.


Got my senior year soccer game schedule, can’t believe my last season after uhh…9 years of rec ball is here :sob:
Very thrilled that senior night is NOT on a Saturday so I can go do robots on that weekend! :cowboy_hat_face:
Also might have robot family watching the stream, so I really think it’s awesome how much of a community I’ve made during my time in first <3


Big project at work that was “coming together” last week went from “in pieces around the shop” to “assembled, power checked, and pending final touches”. The piece(s) I worked on? Worked pretty much as designed.


My wife and I had a good day on Friday. We started by going to Algonac State Park, but found it was closed for renovations. So we went up to Lakeport State Park where we had a picnic lunch. Then drove a bit further up the Lake Huron shore and cut inland for our return trip south. We hadn’t done a “just drive” day for a long while.


Once week closer to summer in my archaic school district that still goes to June 14.

Met with school district operations team and they are eager to get new power outlets and ventilation installed in the machine shop to have it ready for robotics team move-in as soon as possible (fingers crossed that’s by mid summer). They even brought up doing epoxy flooring over the concrete!

And LAST week attended our school academic honors night. A lot of my robotics kids on stage receiving recognition.


That’s actually the norm for where I live (Seattle area), school gets out mid to end of June, and starts in Early September. I get out June 12 because I’m a senior, but k-11 students get out on the 18th I’m pretty sure.


Finally got around to fixing my blinds, so they actually open during the day and I’m not sitting in a cave all the time.


And you call yourself a programmer /s

(I grumble that my office at home doesn’t have enough natural light)


I upgraded my computer for the first time since I got it this week, finally beat a level I’ve been stuck on for 3 months in a game, and officially graduated high school!


Finished all my AP exams

Managed to win a bunch of senior awards, Programming, Physics, Science Research, Mathletes, and Audio-Visual.

Going to Iceland this weekend.


I finally bought an electric assist bike. I’m really excited to try it out hopefully tomorrow. I think this will make the hills of İstanbul much more palatable and make it much more fun and easy to bike here. I need to decide on a route to work. The shortest route is like 7km but its on highways, the safest feeling route is like 13km, the medium route is like 10km. 7km is also the least hilly, but it’s seriously scary, I did it once on a regular pedal bike and was like, I should never ever do this again. The long route would be mostly relaxed as I’d be on city streets that are generally not treated as highways almost the whole time.

I also got a temporary third cat this week, and all the furniture for my balcony, the last bits of which I’ll assemble tomorrow probably. I’m super excited about that. A friend from out of town was staying with me this week. I completed quite a few tasks that have been on the to do list for months this week, so I’m pretty happy. And I got to eat an apple pie today, which is not something you get very often here in İstanbul, and I got to ride the ferry with a friend :slight_smile:


I love those rainbow lights!!!