Weekly Wins 5-5-2023

Let the off season commence! Any awesome wins not related to robots? (Or, I mean, related to robots, I’m not a cop) Doesn’t have to be big, can just be “turned in all my late homework from competition season”…

My win - I guess it’s bittersweet - some folks finally moved into the houses near me so I have neighbors again. Still got a lot of space to them but it’s kinda nice having other people nearby. We also got some furniture delivered for our back deck and I’ve spent most of the week working out there while we had great weather.


I made it to Columbus (New Albany).


Had my best college semester yet, in terms of grades!

Also got my BattleCry volunteer assignment. Really looking forward to it!


Team 342 held our end of the year party last night (5 May).
We installed our 2023-2024 Member Leadership Team.
Our new year beings…today. We are participating in two outreach events today.
The Robotics “season” never truly ends.


Got accepted into a summer research internship, hopefully the next win is the imposter syndrome going away! Very excited to actually get to do some research, something I’ve wanted to do for a while.


The bad news - not likely. The good news, it doesn’t matter, do what you can do, and if you get stuck ask for help.


Our talk for the annual NCSSS conference was accepted so myself and a few others will be talking about how to run a comprehensive set of competitive robotics programs at NCSSS type schools. Looking forward to it.


Non robot related-Finished my AP exam, so i’m all clear on those til next year.
Have a summer job set up

Robot related-training is going well, fundraising is going well, and most importantly its still a lot of fun. Have some side robotics related projects going as well.
Team has talked about going to many offseasons in the area, should be a lot of fun. Hopefully we get off the waitlist for battlecry.


Halfway through AP week. My first exam was easier than I thought it was going to be.

We got permission to work on the robot over the summer so hopefully we can put a better robot on the field in the off-season.

Weather has been nice enough to start biking again. Though a 6 month break does make it difficult again.


I survived 3 AP exams this week. (Hopefully all 5s)

I also am celebrating my 17th birthday today.


We had our end of year picnic/party! Some of the students were unable to attend but we haven’t been able to do one of these in 5 years since pre COVID. It was great to have everyone together doing something non-robotics and seeing the students just hangout, parents talk and eat some good food.

We gave the seniors a nice sendoff and they gave the coaches a nice card and little speech. Awesome day!


got through 3 AP tests! Only 2 more to go next week!

I commited to umich, and my co-captain just got into his dream school off the waitlist!!!

also built a swerve chassis today with my offseason team!


Four and some years ago, I was still a student on 3128 and someone decided to let me manage our social media. 973 had just won the world championship, making a Instagram post of it, and in the spirit of GP, using our team Instagram account I commented congratulating them. A short time later, I noticed someone had liked our comment. Being nosy, I checked to see who it was and found it was a 973 student who happened to be going to the same college I had just committed to. After following each other and video calling, we decided to be roommates.
Little did I know then how big of an impact she would make on my life, both college and beyond. Many brunches, Indy/Chicago trips, and late nights later, everything somewhat came full circle this year when she convinced me to return to mentoring this past season. And while I can’t believe we’ll be more than 5 minutes apart from each other after next week, I couldn’t have found a better friend. In celebration of her graduating today, I brought by a chocolate peanut butter cake.


Spent the week on a freaking huge boat.

First vacation the wife and I have done alone in many years.

I learned I like big boats. And all the eating you do on big boats.


I got to spend a few days at home with my cats in İstanbul this week. I’ll be home another 2.5 days and then out of the country for a month :frowning: But it will be a fun month.
I also enjoyed heading to Izmir to watch two of my FLL teams compete in tournaments there, held at 6429’s school. Going to events while having no responsibility to them is really nice. The kids have so much energy its fun to just be around them :slight_smile:


In a week of “meh” it ended with attending an Angels game with old friends. And the Angels pulled off an upset comeback win in the 10th inning. Light up that halo!


technically happened before champs, but i won a math competition with 22 other schools there


Just scored $300 Fender Gen3 noiseless telepups for the cheapo PrusaCaster I’m building just for fun…for $80 worth of honey.

And a neighbor gave me a 40W “smart amp” that has all sorts of cool features.

I guess I’m really going to have to learn to play this thing once it’s built!


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