Weekly Wins 6-10-2022


Maybe an odd header gif this time but I’ll explain I promise.

I think we all know the deal by now - what went well for you that you want to share with the class?

For me, I got to play with some tools for building animations using code. So as is tradition I animated a bouncing ball. Then added some squash as it lands and finally some stretch as it moves. And because it’s based on code changing parameters of the ball is easy.


Got covid wooo! (Thankfully very mild, and for that I’m greatful)

But despite not being in person for it, my team’s summer design course has finally kicked fully into gear, its fun to teach people how to make robots again.

That and covid has given me way too much time so I get my own extra CAD practice for fun, and to scroll through some of the old interesting 1000 post CD threads to kill time.


It’s not my win to share, but I can say my daughter received a good health outcome, for which I am very thankful.


I went to Louisville this week, where I got to see a ton of my FIRST family that I only get to see once or twice a year, and now I’m chilling in Chicago for a couple days to relax and see college friends before heading home :slight_smile:
As usual, a couple pictures:

These used to be my view every night coming home / every day going out - to school or work when I lived in Chicago. The skyscrapers here are very pretty :slight_smile:


Made it thru a partial week of work. Otherwise, bonfire at the beach with some robotics friends. Here’s the charcuterie board before we started munching away :slight_smile:


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