Weekly Wins 7-16-2021

I have no idea where this week went. At least time seems to be moving back to “way too fast” compared to the 10 years that March 2020 were.

How’s it going? Last week we saw a wedding and an engagement and a lot of pet pictures. Anyone got anything cool this week?

For me - my other half is getting some of the monitoring she’s been on for the last few weeks off. Probably won’t have to continue that. Downside - I have to stop making jokes about how she’s a cyborg.


Does a new knee count as something cool? Not quite as exciting as an engagement or wedding, I’ll admit.

The old knee was all arthritic, stemming from an injury 30 years ago. So as soon as the therapy gets done (weeks from now), I’ll be good to go.


If you think it’s cool, why not?

I try not to police what folks think of as wins. We’re all just trying to celebrate things we thought went well for us.


My team has officially registered for Wings Over Camarillo! Really excited for that stacked roster of competition, it’s gonna be awesome :DD


Found out I’ll be Game Announcing day 2 of Battlecry so yea im pretty stoked.


I created a pipeline solution to a devops problem that we’ve had for years. It should also be pretty easy to implement across our projects, so I’m happy to hang my hat on this week’s work.


I’m not sure I’d call it cool, but it is definitely a milestone win.

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Yeah. But if you kneed it you kneed it.

(I think I talk to billfred too much)


Closed on the house we sold. I visited the day before, and took some farewell pictures.

I also have had this truck the whole 28 years we lived there.


I’m starting to dig into a new project at work that I think will be really cool, and (related) I got trained on the new Instron today which was pretty cool


I got to meet @Michael_Corsetto and have a fun dinner with him, @Maximillian, @davepowers, @sjsands, and @Connor_H!


Survived a visit from investors at work.

Also work-related, a big pile of parts has mysteriously sprouted in the shop, almost like we outsourced stuff a while back…


We went out one morning and got a bunch of photos and video footage for our “robot reveal”. It’s not like people haven’t seen it, but graphics team still wants to do a video anyway.


Oh, you haven’t gotten the decree from on high of “he is not to be allowed to meet with anyone outside, ever… seriously, the last time that was allowed he called a tech director of a customer a ‘freaking idiot’… he was right, but still…”

That only happened once. Now I self isolate.


Cut my cell phone bill in half and got my wife a new phone.


Not this time, we’re too flat of a hierarchy.

I do tend to keep my nose into my own business when investors are around, but it’s more of a “It’s above my pay grade unless I’m told it’s in my pay grade” deal. In this case, I did have to do a bit of a presentation, which went fairly well.

And run a bit over the last couple of days–one of our loading docks isn’t easy to work with right now, so directing incoming truck traffic got interesting. “Uh, hey, are we expecting a shipment today? Oh, that? They’re outside. I’ll get busy.” run around grabbing keys, pointing to the proper dock, and locating a pallet jack

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To continue the trend of my latest Hobby. I got my General Class Amateur Radio License Wednesday!


Chassis camp started!

We had students in the shop for the first time since March 2020!

…Everyone is a foot taller and looks like a scorpions cover band .


Went from this abomination:

(go look up Stab-Lok fires for some fun)

To this:

Still dealing with some small issues, I think the pool pump is pulling like 1A over so the GFCI breaker isn’t happy after a few minutes but a normal one is.
No AFCI because they hate power tools and this is a garage.


interesting, we need a separate ground bus around here…