Weekly Wins 7-29-2022

You got wins, I wanna see em. What went well this week? Wake up on time? Catch all the lights on the way home? All valid. You got multiple wins? We like those too.

I started my new job Monday. So far it’s been nice, the team members are friendly and the management I’ve met seem to really want to build a great place to work. Have some actual dev tasks lined up next week that should actually be user facing too.


I’m finally officially signed up for classes and can now begin my long and expensive journey for another piece of paper.


More escapades inventorying an entire university campus:

Gotta redo a couple buildings for sure. Sucks, but if they dont give us the ability to add room numbers and dont specify that they want them…

Actual wins now, we found the new oldest working computer: A Gateway E-4200 (example photo) running Windows 2000, built in 1999. We also found a Power Mac G3, but there were no power cords to see if it worked. There’s a small bet going if we will find anything older actively in use, but im doubting it honestly, as we just finished with the education related buildings.

We also cleared though… 7? total buildings, either fixing some issues stemming from two paragraphs ago or completely new buildings this week. We’re currently still on time, but I think we’re gonna lose it next week.

Non-work related, my favorite sports commentator has finally gone on a podcast I “listen” to (read: watch clips of). Planning on actually listening to the full episode of this one though…


I made it through this whirlwind of a week involving 2 appointments, permits and services and paperwork and general preparations for my new apartment I’m moving into in the morning, lots of work stuff (including finding a cryptominer on one of our servers today, that was fun). While I’m sad my travels (other than bouncing between my parents’ place and my new apartment a few times in the next month) are over, I enjoyed them quite a bit and got to see a lot of robotics friends at CRI and IRI.


My 2 FRC children helped shovel out a machine shop and knew what (almost) all the tools were called and used for. Cleaned, lubricated, and demonstrated them. (Sniff - brings happy tears to my eyes!!)

Impressed the heck out of their cousins (“how do you KNOW this??”) and snarfed up multiple Starrett tools (look, a Starret micrometer! And calipers! Gage pins, wow!!)


Your father has great taste in tools .

The team members were able to demonstrate some STEM principles for themselves, specifically leverage. They struggled to use the short handled rivet tool and none of the other teams in the STEM Center had a longer one. One of the mentors from the Tompkins team suggested they “put a pipe on it”. It worked much better :slight_smile:


Students began robot reassembly so we can participate in a multi-team Boeing demo next weekend.
And they continued upgrade designs (streamlined indexer & a turret) for the off-season season coming up in October.

On a personal note, I decided to participate in conspicuous consumption to help fight off the recession. (i.e. there was no surf so I started online shopping for crap I don’t need)


Got in and committed to George Washington University for a masters in engineering management and potentially an MBA! Raise high!!


This has been a great week.

Got my ender 3 v2 and have been printing many cool things.

Our t shirt cannon shot for the first time and after some adjustments, was able to be launched about 50 feet.

I was told just this morning that our sds swerve modules had just arrived! :slight_smile:


I started a month-long internship with some other members on 1787 yesterday.

I’ve also been told our SDS swerve modules should be coming in sometime this week or next week so we can finally spin while also driving forward!!


Started working out a CAD for a fullbody-drum spinner that would be for demos.


Our parade float got second place!


Installed a PA System on the High School’s Security Golf Cart, plus re-wired the headlights and red/blue flashing lights. Then put our team’s logo on the hood and newly installed front siren horn… without asking if we could first, hehehe :smiling_imp:


Got some happy test results back from the Dr. this week!

Spent the weekend with my side of the family up in Chicago, discovered a wonderful craft distiller.

Currently watching a horrible james bond movie with very sleepy dog, cat, and wife.

Life isn’t perfect, but it sure as all heck is good.


After a two year break, I finally returned to the gym yesterday. That was pretty nice. My cat is healing from his injury the other week, and I had a couple really nice dinners with friends this week, and a nice breakfast :slight_smile: And the city I live in announced a plan to actually start work on Hizray, which is extremely exciting, in 2023. It will be a 74km, 160kph (100mph)max, 100kph (60mph)avg high capacity metro crossing basically the entire city, including the Bosphorus. It will greatly ease long distance trips across the city, cutting travel times in half.


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