Weekly Wins 8-11-2023

I think we all need some wins this week. I wanna see lots of pets being adorable here, lots of first week of school didn’t stink, let’s hear some positive stuff that we can all celebrate and be happy together.

My wins, aside from the fact that there’s no cursor size adjustment in it, Baldur’s Gate 3 is fun so far.

My second win - I took yesterday afternoon off, I just couldn’t focus on work. Today when I came back to it this morning I realized I could vastly simplify a piece. Fresh eyes on a problem is great.


A family of hawks has taken up residence in our backyard. Finally got a picture of the young one.

Also took my family to see Oppenheimer in IMAX – incredible experience.


I went to a great concert for one of my favorite bands this week! And my boyfriend’s parents agreed to watch my dog Penny this weekend while we’re out of town for a friend’s wedding (a sitter would have cost $50+).

Pics of my little drama queen in a huff because I had the audacity to go to work on Monday:


Even when I have my other half’s family watch my balls of claw and teeth and darkness (3 black cats) I still pay them about that per day. I’m not having them watch them because it’s cheaper but because it’s lower stress on the cats (and the person who watches the cats also is liked by the cats sooo)


Was able to find and squash the last bug that was bothering me yesterday before I finish my co-op with Xerox today. Finally started writing documentation for the summer swerve project I’ve been working on and hoping to enjoy some time away from everything as I visit some family in Maine. I haven’t seen them in almost 9 years now, so should be a nice break before I jump back into my last year of college.


Win: I threw water balloons at my boss (we were playing a game)

Loss: she took out the hose and got her revenge.

Also got to spend a lot of quality time with a good friend, which helped my mental health. I also just went to my first late night movie. I got home from the theater around 2am.


That needs to go on a review to your skip level manager. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not fully contained to last week but I’m starting to gather parts for this (completely 100% practical in every way) VRC legal swerve module I designed. The cad has had some minor updates since I took this screenshot. When I get access to a computer I’ll add something more updated.


You said pets?


It was her idea in the first place :upside_down_face:

(Our workplace had a water balloon fight as an team activity. We’re all teens, so it was genuinely fun)


my team was wanting to experiment with the coveted 3 motor swerve and i needed some CAD experience so i took a couple weeks to understand it and finally got it done. i’m also back on my “i want to learn programming so i’ll do this java course for 3 weeks then forget about it” kick once again but this time i’m in the lab more so maybe it’ll be different?? from what people have told me the best way to learn is just by doing it so i think i’ll probably just wire up a testboard and make a motor spin or something. but yeah, hoping school doesn’t get in the way too much of robots, especially the project i’ve been working on for the last 3 months


I’m just over a week into a new job, and they’ve already handed me a project where the goal is to essentially reproduce the capabilities of six figure lab equipment for multiple orders of magnitude less cost. By December. And I have to source, acquire, and control everything. It’s more than a little terrifying, but interesting and exciting work as well.

Also, I can ride my bike to work! I recently purchased this mid-80s made-in-Japan road bike, and it’s been a lot of fun riding and tinkering. An extra bonus is that my new office is only a couple blocks away from the community center 4680 builds out of.



Glad you’re having fun!


Those two were unrelated, I swear. I got some gaming time in over the weekend. Yesterday was a mental health thing.


Win: no new drama or crises in my life. Not that there usually is, but it’s nice that there’s no new stuff.

Win: may have a space cleared in the old abandoned machine shop at school for our CNC router. Its been months of asking questions and not getting satisfactory answers.


Haven’t done one of these in awhile, so here goes:

Puppy haircut:

She wanted to drive home.

Other wins: got to play a full game of civ with some college buddies, got some more CAD tutorials made, and had time to learn some web development skills for fun!


Just finished archery camp, it was very fun, unfortunantley the arrow rest broke halfway through my last card, but I still got a 230, my best was a 244.
Had another meeting for robot cart, and technically a couple weeks ago, but only remembered now:


A couple of fun things this week. My daughter is about to have her first birthday and is crawling (nearly walking) everywhere. Her grandparents gifted her a play couch so she and the cat have a place to hang out together. They seem to enjoy it so far.

Separately I was excited to get a call from my local frame shop that my signed poster from the Fleet Foxes concert I attended last month was ready for pick up, and it turned out great.


My win for the week.
While walking out of the school today, I ran into the new IT Tech for the school. It turns out she is a coding FREAK!. She wants to set up a dedicated coding class for the school! I guess I just found the Programing Mentor I have been looking for!

Win 2.
When I arrived home, a Mentor from a team an hour south of us reached out to me on behalf of his son. His son is attending CO School of Mines as an ME student… and is looking for a team to support. I guess I just found the Mechanical Mentor I have been looking for!

Ah, August 11, 2023 has been good to Chatfield Robotics.


my brother moved out for college, it’s a great win for him but it feels like a loss for me :pensive: