Weekly Wins - 8-13-2021

As both the roommate of 2 black cats and a former Tampa resident today is fun for me for a few reasons. 1) It’s Friday the 13th. 2) It’s 8-1-3 day (Tampa’s area code) So let’s celebrate some wins this week.

Mine is a simple one, one of my kitties was being particularly cute the other day. He spent the whole day asleep there while I worked. But the big win, we finally found a scratching post that is large enough for him to use. He’s happy to scratch, I’m happy he’s stopped scratching the rug… everyone wins.

His name is Cody Bear - we thought he was fully grown when we rescued him a few years ago. He was in fact, a kitten. A kitten that weighed in at 10 lbs already… He’s a gentle giant.


Just wrapped up orientation for my new job. Excited to be the Co-Director of Robotics at Notre Dame High School in San Jose!


Finished up my summer internship at BAE Systems, so rewarding. Great company to work for. Onto year four and trying to get into a Stryker internship next summer!


Chased down this thing. Caught it in Kansas City Union Station.

  • had a blast at my last competition as a student (SCRAP)
  • got my college laptop
  • <2 weeks until move in

Had a week back at school(kinda) for band camp, and it was fun seeing my friends in person again. Unfortunate that it was hot and smoky though. In the evenings, we filmed our reveal video, and that was lots of fun!



I am now an adulty adult! Gonna register to vote on Monday. Maybe get a lottery ticket? Who knows. Staying away from cigarettes. We’ll see what happens


Got to see this as well. And our mentor @hrench captured this picture, among some shots of the locomotive.

And here is what is my own picture, but my highlight was helping my grandma watch it steam by about 2 miles further down the track.


Traveling from SE Michigan to Chicago to visit families for the first time in two years. Our team (226) is also finishing our week long boot camp training today.


Okay I’ll bite. What’s the big deal with this locomotive?

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It’s one of the largest steam locomotives produced and it’s probably the largest one in operation. Think of it as a moving museum. I could go to a museum to appreciate such a thing and would have to imagine what it was like when it moved, breathed, came to life. I would have to Imagine the tremendous human effort it took to operate such a thing. Instead I don’t have to imagine. I get to witness it. I get big kick out of the fact that there is NO, NONE, NADA automated controls on these beasts, not even a flyball governor. Everything is done through a human. The 2 people in the cab are the PID controllers. One has his hand on the throttle playing the dance between too fast and too slow while making sure the wheels don’t spin or they don’t crash into something. The other trying to determine fuel rate verses steam pressure verses future steam usage with the goal of keeping the boiler pressure every so slightly lower than the pop off valve setting. Stuff like that is kinda cool.

Much like how a lot of people go to see famous paintings and works of art except this one moves heavy stuff.


Two weeks into my new job and already getting kudos for a job well done, and for the work our team is handling. Very proud of our team so far, and can’t wait to see what we get up to when the semester starts!


10/10 recommend voting. 0/10 recommend the lottery ticket.


Fair enough :joy:
I’ve heard you’re supposed to do something special on your 18th birthday, but can’t register to vote till Monday, and I figure a lottery ticket is better than cigarettes…

Drove over 1800 miles to one-up @Mark_Wasserman and take some epic pictures. Saw this, the booster, and the launch tower!! Also saw the Tesla factory in Austin and the Johnson Space Center, so there were many modern marvels of engineering seen this week.


I decided to take the transmission out of my Chevy II, since I might be driving it from home in Arizona, up to Michigan, then over to Ohio, and a few other places on Drag Week in September. The transmission was working fine, but the fluid didn’t smell right, when I changed it a few weeks ago.

I found what was wrong…the direct clutch was burned up. Surprising it still drove. I’ll get it fixed up, and then find some other problems with the car on the trip, I suppose.

So…the win was deciding to check it out before the trip.


OK I know your question has been answered, but…


Sadly, not really.

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Headed home to California after ~6 months away. Did have to say goodbye Murray though so here’s the last of my pictures of him :frowning: