Weekly Wins 9-15-2023

Ok, I’m not posting this while eyeing my dinner this week so no forced comparisons to nachos (I mean, nachos are awesome but…) Anyone have some good wins? Cool things you did this week? Things you’re proud of?

My win, I had a fairly productive week at work, got a few things fixed that have been hanging out. And I just keep realizing how fortunate I am to work with a bunch of people that I actually enjoy working with.


Earned this badge and got B’s in my first two college classes


i finally got more than 5 hours of sleep this week :slight_smile:


I am not sure if that sentence is good or bad

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I did have nachos for lunch yesterday so I’d call that a win.


Um donut


If they say it’s a win it’s a win?

Doesn’t mean you can’t be mildly concerned. Sleep is important and all that.


a win is a win x)


We had a record number of freshmen attend our first meeting of the year, and they’re doing well with the training.


I got pose estimation with AprilTags and PhotonVision working on a bench!


Got my car registered (and smog-checked, which is a thing in CA) for another year (two for the smog).


After two very full days (and nights) of troubleshooting, I solved a pernicious network error impacting our entire organization. Being a tiny IT shop places days somewhere on a spectrum between extremely fun and extremely chaotic. This incident was 98% of the the way towards chaotic. I won’t know for sure if it’s a win until peak hours on Monday, but I’m reasonably confident.


My brother and sister visited. They were going to go to a Tigers game, but since Cabrera wasn’t going to play they decided to go out to dinner with us instead. Gyros platter.


Unmothballed last season’s robot to give new team members an opportunity to learn drive team positions in prep for the Cowtown throw Down off-season event.

cubes have gotten a little sadder…


Had our open houses, finally got a booth at our other school and it seems to have gone well. Unfortunately our rc controller seems to have an issue, as when we did a battery swap, it seems to have jumbled all the controls, and then reset itself entirely, but not before the robot went crazy for a few seconds. So we need to find a new one that can save to an sd card.
Got a lot of safety stuff updated as well, and also finished enough stuff to make things like this technically viable:

  • Survived first full week of school.
  • A majority of students are NOT out on quarantine (so far).
  • Got some promising news that my orders for equipment through the school district are being processed (via an email that said the drone order is on hold… which means they’re looking at it!)
  • I won first week of fantasy football despite half of my players getting less than 10 points… and some got 0.

My K1 Speedy showed up! I’m excited to test it out. I’ve had DaVincis, Prusas, Ender 3. This however has so far been the most simple and straightforward setup ever. If it can print as fast as they claimed I’m gonna be really happy.

Edit: First print was a laundry detergent cup holder I found on thingiverse. 1 hour 45 minutes is much better than my old printer at about 4.5 hours.

This is still a tall print and tall always takes longer than wide.

Further edit: with this much speed I can do alot of stuff in a day

10 chip clips took 4.5 hours

Now I’m printing 3 coasters. The est is 2 hours total. So in about 10 hours time total I made 15 useful things without having to fiddle with it beyond glue and getting my finished items. This is a massive win!

Further further edit: the coasters


I took a couple days to show one of my fellow 360 team mates around town at the beginning of the week, so that was a really nice break for me :slight_smile: We also were able to test the LED walls we ordered (long term buying them seems like it will end up cheaper than renting them with as much as we use them), so we got to test a chunk of them in the office :slight_smile: Also we finally figured out when our regionals will be - 2 for sure, 2 almost certain.

View from the gardens of the Topkapı Palace looking over the Asian side (Kadıköy / Ataşehir)

View from the gardens of Süleymaniye Mosque, looking over Beyoğlu / Okmeydanı / Şişli - My office is visible in the left near the skyscrapers, if you zoom in there is a single epically massive 13 story building.

The Gardens of the Dolmabahçe Palace

View up the Golden Horn (Haliç) from the Topkapı Palace, New Galata Bridge (near) and the Haliç Metro Bridge (Cable Stayed) in the center. ‘New’ Galata bridge because there were a few before it that burned down, or were replaced (current - opened 1994 - is the 5th Galata bridge).

This is one of the old Roman Water Storage Facilities - Yerebatan Sarnıç

LED walls in the office :slight_smile:


The state approved my newest sauce, Sweet Kilimanjaro (a fiery blend of peppers, roasted carrots, roasted onions, and East African spices) just in time for the local festival this coming weekend, so I was able to make a limited batch and get it labeled and packed.

The collapse of FRC 1551 has turned into a pretty big boon for my business… I can help out with 3951 without actually being in charge of anything, and that’s very weird after 21 years as lead mentor of two different teams (19 with 1551), but it’s turning out to be a very good weird.


You need a pepper bottle holder. I was given a set of 25 mini bottles for Christmas, made a little 5x5 tray to display them all at staggered heights. Show em off! That or it at least keeps them from tipping and rolling around when you bump the table. Just have little circle indents for the bottom lip of the bottles

Every cloud has it’s silver linings so I’m glad things are working out!