Weekly Wins 9-24-2021

Sorry for another late post… it’s also related to my win.

Y’all know the deal by now. What went good?

For me - today started a week long vacation. I’m late posting because I just finished driving across Wyoming. Much better than the white out mess last time I did this drive.


I went to the dentist for the first time in like 5 years, and I have no cavities! :slight_smile: I was kinda surprised because I’m not the world’s greatest person at managing my dental hygiene.


Uni classes started back up this week for me (something something quarter system something) and during COVID work completed on a new building dedicated for CS/Design students. The main downside is that its on a totally separate campus from the main one, but it has mainline tracks for a few different railroad companies literally feet away from the building, making it prime real estate for railfanning (and its actually a pretty nice view, too).

I have a few hours downtime between classes, so im spending a solid chunk of it already just chilling out here, and it gets a lot of activity. Something ive never seen before is the company “Herzog” or any locomotives they own, but they exist and i have now seen something totally new. Once i get a decent carrying case, i plan on bringing an actual camera out here…


I made my almost 2000 mile trip home, in a car I really shouldn’t be driving that far.

And I did my trip report! that’s always hard to do…


Slowly started picking up timeseries2 again, and fixed a Prusa successfully at work solo in under an hour. Gonna speedrun it next time!


Awesome story Jim! Swapping a trans in the hotel parking lot is crazy. Unfortunate circumstance for the Javelin at th track, but I’m glad your car had a successful trip all the way out there and back.

  • Tested negative, twice this week. (Which, considering I was exposed to someone this week…yeah that’s a real win.)
  • New iPhone arrived. The 13 Pro is really nice, and it succeeded in giving me 5G where the vaccine didn’t.
  • 1293’s school has moved down a level on their COVID restrictions, so volunteers are allowed on campus again
  • Successfully moved all of the work iPads to iPadOS 15 without incident. (Well, all the ones in the building. I didn’t push that update to the ones out on active loans.)

We’re hosting an offseason! The FTC season is going great, and we had our first home football game last night.


I voted which was cool


166 had a fantastic turnout at our open house on Tuesday. Roughly 15-20 new faces which is incredible considering our roster was only 5 students at the beginning of August.

I have something in the works that I really want to talk about but I can’t just yet. Hopefully in 1 month from now I’ll be able to.


Got a “robotics strategic planning” meeting with the heads of the CTE and STEM departments in the district this week. 5 years of moving the ball up the food chain I think they might be coming around to some sort of district FIRST &others team coordination.


5892 has a great day at the club fair; 60 people signed up as interested! Here’s to hoping we can actually get 20-30 that really want to build bots!


Team 2729 split at the nd of last season into 2 teams. one for each school. My New team 2720 finally came up with our new name this week, been a long process!


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