Weekly Wins 9-3-2021

Y’all know the deal. What’s going good?

For me - my weekend started Wednesday so I have a nice 5 day one going on. I also got to see my brother and his GF and their dogs last weekend.

Though, the corollary to that is that my loss for the week is 4 wisdom teeth and my face is about as round as that emoji. But minimal pain and it’s an excuse to sit and play Civilization all weekend.


I got my first Job offer after graduating!


A lot of the DLC for Civ VI is on sale on Steam now, and I just downloaded most of it. Looking forward to playing this weekend.

Also, I got my covid booster shot yesterday. Side effects are even worse than the second one, but of course it’s worth it.


Yeah, I picked it all up on Humble Bundle a few weeks ago. I played way too much Civ V in college and had been holding off on Civ 6 because…


We had our first school assembly, and we ran our t-shirt bot at it with almost no issues. We’ve been holding an open house after school all this week, and a lot of new people have come by to drive robots and put their name on the email list.


Broke a key deep in the ignition of an AndyMark box truck. Took me a while, but eventually got it fixed before it leaves for the Idaho off-season FRC event.

I can add “Hino box truck wanna-be mechanic” to my resume.

Andy B.


Ehh, who needs wisdom anyway?

Hope you have some good medications to get you through it. And someone to make you some nice soft foods.

My win: The recreational division soccer schedule is finally done. 250 teams from pre-school to high school age playing 4 or 5 home games each.


I found a potential topic for my thesis!

Deep Learning Classification of Laban Movement by Relative Join Position Functions.

AKA: Robots, Dance, Math, and Computer Science, all in one!


my team won MIT orientation


Got a particularly nuisancy assembly running and tested the last couple of days. More testing to come, but that’s more dialing in minor nuisances than anything else. And the nuisance part is running near-perfectly.

Oh, and a long weekend.

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First three days back in the classroom, with all students in person (and masked). Didn’t realize how much I missed them.


The long weekend is here and I’m just excited to relax a bit

Also Mac Jones


My first day of senior year was Wednesday. It’s crazy to think my last season as a student before I gradate is coming up soon.


*Last season as a student

Enjoy it while it lasts, and always remember, the end goal is to leave the team in a better place than when you started. Good luck! (And apply to Purdue!)

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Ditto on the senior year thing.



Same here (except I started last week lol). I have a concert a week from today that I’m excited for though

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Got a great backpacking trip in last weekend. 25 miles over 3 days and 2 nights, was great to unplug and enjoy nature for a weekend!


Spectrum had a very fun training/team-building day. Small groups of students were tasked with designing and building a mini-golf hole. The objective was to get students to get to know each other and learn how to use the tools in our shop. I think it was a huge success.

Brief Instructions and team plans slide deck - Spectrum Mini Golf Build - Google Slides


To continue off of last week. More progress on my Amateur Radio Portable Go-Box. Got the back-panel all wired up, thus finishing the back! Still need to wire up the front-panel, but its very much operational now!

Also built my own 9:1 autotransformer so I can use a Slinky as an antenna with one of my 20ft fishing poles masts.


Survived my first week of college! Haven’t missed a class yet!