Weekly Wins 9-8-2023

Nachos are a collection of things that, frankly, are way better than the sum of their parts. Much like wins for the week - on their own the wins are good but together? Much better. So let’s build some win nachos? (Can you tell I am writing this while eating dinner… which happens to be some very good tofu nachos?)

My win - finally got in to see the doctor for some issues that are more annoying than anything else. Not what I thought they were but still can be sorted out fairly easily so that’ll be nice.

Also, aforementioned nachos. They were very good.


Finally got to bring a robotic arm I had in my basement to the shop, seems like theres enough interest for us to work on it as a project of some sort, thanks Livonia Warriors!

Got most of the major stuff done for my most recent heavyweight designs horizontal configuration, just found out I didn’t put the pulley interfacing geometry in for the weapon shaft.


Enjoying slightly cooler weather, so got a walk in today and found Gregg’s bench.

Wasn’t the start the KC Chiefs wanted but I still smoked ribs to start the season.

Our church organist had some parts to repair, but they aren’t available, so I volunteered to try 3d printing one. I was about 80% there on the first print, just have to figure out how to keep the 1/8" hole. Here is the broken part, the organ is pretty old

Bonus: My friend brought up my late advisor which was nice to remember, and also was putting her favorite textbooks in her office which reminded me of our chemical kinetics book author and their interest in modeling Cobra venom.


The prototype of the Sparkmax mount/guard that one of our new students designed turned out great (betting all our FIRST points on a Stratasys 3D printer turned out to be a good move)

Also, I ran into my son (not pictured) and my daughter studying on campus and we had lunch (not pictured) together.


I feel like there’s a wire color mismatch here. I hope that’s only cosmetic.


Yeah, this was just a test fit and I was way too lazy to reorder them for the picture.

Thanks for clarifying, computer entrées are quite an expensive delicacy!


Had a pretty amazing week over here! I spent some quality time with my teammates and I started my first AP class :blush:

Pro: I feel very…empowered, and it’s great :blush:

Con: Now it’s time for me to look through my collage board spam again :sweat_smile:



  • Moved in, but not fully unpacked, at my new place (fast move after mold discovery… not fun during first week of school)
  • Got to eat dinner with a group of friends for one of their birthday’s. And see his parents and family who I haven’t seen in probably 20 years.
  • Was told that if I get some paperwork filed correctly (after the third attempt) I should be able to get some CTE funds this semester (Makera Carvera? :pray:)
  • We had a robotics info meeting at lunch and about 20 9th graders showed up. Still have Club Rush coming up.

Wins in progress:

  • Still waiting for fiber internet setup.

We are all moved in to our new space! We moved from a old warehouse to a nice building that has A/C and a lobby! It has meeting areas and classrooms and is a huge upgrade. Now we are just need to knock down multiple walls to build the field.



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Football team got our first win! Unsurprisingly our schedule was really tough, playing some of the best teams in the league, but now we’ve drastically improved and have an easy schedule!


Our team’s founder got to have her Covid-delayed wedding at… NASA!
We had a whole pack of 5892 alumni and many of the mentors! :slight_smile:


Got back my 6mo hormone replacement and yearly blood tests, and everything is looking good, with the best news being I am no longer pre-diabetic. My A1C dropped to 5.3! So I just need to keep up the weight loss and lifestyle changes!


Just won our first marching band competition!


Started college. It’s been pretty fun so far, excited to see what the future holds for it


Disassembled, cleaned, and inspected the swerves that came off our practice bot. They were pretty beat up! Nothing fatal. Have a few changes for next year. Overall, pretty happy.

I added the party hats thinking I’d put this in “Artsy Robot Photos” but last minute decided it was more of a win, so… there ya go.


Cooked 72 Italian Sausages, 5 10 cans of tomatoes into Marinara, and 10 pounds of spaghetti Friday for the most successful church dinner in terms of meals sold and funds raised (excluding Lenten Fish Fries) since lock down. Only 8 sausages at the end, and we served at least 2 vegetarian plates. Best fellowship is disputed, but clearly on the short list.
And we found someone new to cook for November, so I don’t have to do four main dishes in a row! (Pulled smoked pork sandwiches in October, Gumbo in November, Beef Stew in December).
And yes, I found my OTHER Hawaiian shirt with a pocket and wore the golden protector Friday, half a day at work, the rest of the day at the dinner. [See last week for context.]

I’ve also returned to playing MATLAB Cody (a MATLAB variant of code golf) pretty regularly. I focus on the hard problems, so it makes me do a bit of research into theorems as well as producing concise code.


I picked up 2 boxes of old computer magazines, I found some really cool stuff! Ranging from the 70s-90s. It’s gonna be fun just to browse through it all. My two favorites so far.

The robotics Magazine was published by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers. On the back cover is an ad for a Unimate… love it!

The Apple one is from right when Steve Jobs was removed from Apple’s Leadership and everyone thought Apple would collapse… if only they knew what we know now.


Now doing BattleBots + ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) and SWE (Society for Women Engineers) in my uni now !