Weekly Wins

It’s been a week, idk why, feels like a long one to me maybe I’m the only one.

So let’s celebrate the things that went well together.

2 months ago I was added to a task that was behind schedule at work - today we submitted the last change to be ready to start launching. Yes, I have to be that vague :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, it’s boring things that mostly make engineering life easier.


As of today I no longer have COVID symptoms (yes, I caught it on vacation)


I participated in this strange ceremony involving colored robes and geometric hats. As a consequence of this, I am apparently entitled to a special piece of paper.


The ol’ ‘got kicked out cuz earned too many credits’?


School is done, but robotics isn’t. Sad that all the seniors are truly leaving but all of us feel ready for next year.
Oh and swerve modules should be coming sometime in July so thats something to look forward to.


I led a cohort of graduates at our commencement. First time doing that in a long time.
I got to bid farewell to some coworkers who are retiring, and see the unburdened joy on their faces as they dismissed their last class.
And one of my students gave me Electric Ladyland (on vinyl) as a gift.

Your access to a chunk of land you once called a home away from home is now limited. What a trade off for job opportunities!


Found out our swerve modules are finally on the way, 4weeks turned into 8

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Sat in a chair for an hour and then everyone clapped. For some reason I have no more assignments due either. They didn’t have the special papers they promised us though, something about stuck in shipping?


In 2021, my FRC team had an invention they came up with for the Innovation Challenge, and they kept running with it and applied for a $10k Lemelson-MIT grant and got it a year ago. This week, as a mentor, I got to take them to MIT for them to show a better, iterated on version of the invention at the “EurekaFest” showcase along with 7 other high school groups and several individual K-12 inventors. Though I didn’t do much (they did all the work), it was still great to watch them have fun and show off their hard work at a really cool place!


After a while of making limited progress on a work project, kicked into high gear.

And within two days, was waiting on parts. Again. Gotta love minor issues like that, I like being slightly ahead.

Solved an issue on a personal project that I thought was going to be a major hardware replacement–seems a fitting wasn’t fitting properly. Now I have to get the darn thing under control… let’s see if next week’s win is “EricH remembered how to use an Arduino properly”.


Designed my first PCB by myself, then ordered the stencils and boards . The first half of the week is field research in LA. I’m feeling very excited :grin:


Finally got our mk4i modules in. Was supposed to be 4 weeks but turned into 8. I’m just glad we got them now, so we can build our first swerve chassis and get to programming it. Of course now that we’re doing swerve watch the 2023 game be unfriendly to swerve lol


I’ve been brushing up my Matlab skills (mostly 20 years old, with a 3 day project about 8 years ago). I’m actually the leader on one problem (sum of divisors of a natural number), but I’m feeling really good about my “is this point inside this triangle” solution, and I’m knocking a lot of others out quickly, even when at first it’s sort of … what?
After an exposure on Friday, today I tested negative for COVID this morning and am symptom free, so I’m back at work and will be working Northshore Knockout this weekend (both while masked!).
Added: Sunday, I found a great place for stargazing a quarter mile from my house - a clearing in on a trail through the woods at the edge of (but inside) the city. Not at all like being in the countryside, but nearly a magnitude better than at the house.


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