weighing robot in bag

are you allowed to weigh your robot while its in the bag? I looked through the rules and dint see anything saying its not allowed but maybe I missed something.

If you aren’t taking the bag off your robot I don’t see any problems. I have no clue why first would make that illegal.

R19. Teams must stay “hands-off” their bagged ROBOT elements during the following time periods:

ah ok thanks

by this interpretation, you wouldnt be able to move it any events then?

Technically, the hands would be touching the bag and not the robot. :slight_smile:

I want to see the lawyers battle it out in this thread.

I would say that reasonable movement around the shop (to get it out of the way) or to events (including allowed demos) is just fine.

The issue comes when you begin interacting with the robot in “helpful” ways… like seeing how much it weighs, or what the length between points X and Y are (through the bag, of course). Those are in kind of a gray area at best, and I would avoid gray areas.

My recollection is that there used to be a specific provision that measuring through the bag was not allowed. I can’t find it in the current manual – am I making this up or has this provision disappeared over the years in the bag era?

Robot In A Bag
Makes Me Want To Cry
Touching Up To LRI


Never have been good at following rules…

I think the idea that you aren’t permitted to take measurements from your robot while it’s in the bag is preposterous.

The idea of putting a perfectly functional robot in the bag is what is preposterous. This crap needs to end.

New this year is a specific provision allowing advance inspection by an LRI.

If you can find a Lead Robot Inspector and arrange a suitable time/place to meet with them, you can unbag the whole thing, weigh it, have it measured and have it inspected for compliance.

You won’t be able to FIX any shortcomings… but you’ll be able to arrive at your event ready to fix them and then proceed straight to inspection. It’s a great addition to the rule book. (Although I might have said “LRI or designate” because there are many inspectors who are not LRIs who could share this burden.)

BUT… to weigh in on the main question, yes, you can weigh the bag and its contents in my understanding of the rules. You are, after all, allowed to lift the bag, and you are allowed to put it down. There is nothing limiting what you can use to lift it, nor what you may put it down upon. The purpose of the bag is to prevent teams from working on their robot and as weighing it does not change the state of the robot, it would be difficult to construe it as “working” on the robot. Same goes for looking at it. You’re allowed to look at it…



Sigh… there are plenty of threads discussing build season limits, and I’m not about to derail the O.P.'s thread by turning this into one of them. But I will point out that however strongly you hold your opinion, and contrary to the example set by many public figures, the CD audience tends to be more receptive to reasoned arguments than insults.

One hack around this is to have a local LRI do an unofficial pre-inspection prior to the first event. That inspection would most likely include weighing.

lmao imagine being the people that say you can weigh the robot in its giant robot //redacted// if a funny person in a yellow hat says you can in a certain place, but not in your own shop, and thinking that is a sane line of thinking

This is great, only if

  1. You know your LRI enough to have a contact with them
  2. They arent a muliple hour drive away

If either of those happen, this rule means nothing and only taunts you.

Hopefully one of the last things you do before bagging the robot is a weight sanity check. Assuming that you did not do that, I can see nothing in the rules that says you cannot weight the robot in the bag and then subtract off the weight of the bag (and the tag if you are really desperate). You are definitely not allowed to take it out of the bag, other than during your unbag window (if you have one) or at an event, when prompted by a RI.

I do not see how you would be violating R19 by picking it up in the bag and placing it on a scale. You are not working on the robot.

If you are really concerned you could reach out and ask an official Q&A question to get a ruling.


Consider the bag like shipping your robot to an event like all non-district teams do. If they can’t do it, you can’t do it. The intent is to level the playing field between district and non-district teams. This is clearly the intent of the rule. So no, you can’t weigh your robot in the bag.

I agree with Marshall, I’d like to pop the bag. I fear that it’s not going to happen until shipping robots isn’t a thing anymore…

What if it was a ziploc bag?