Weight of analog and digital modules?

At our first tournament, we will be doing everything we can to lose about two pounds. I just realized that we aren’t using two of the modules in the CRIO, and we can remove them, but we shipped the control system with the robot. Could someone tell me about how much a module weighs?

A quick search of ni.com for “9403” and “9201” will give you links to the spec sheet for both, which includes weight.

For the 9403: http://digital.ni.com/manuals.nsf/websearch/4EC06B18FEFFF68D862574E300195E06

And the 9201: http://digital.ni.com/manuals.nsf/websearch/D5BC8792C0F28558862573D0006BF8DD

(the simple answer is 150g, I just wanted to demonstrate how to find information like this)