Weight of carpet roll?

Does anyone know the precise weight of a roll of carpet used in official FIRST competitions. It’s I think 16x70ft, but what does it weigh?

The 2019 manual cited Neyland carpet, which weighs

20 or 26 oz according to the linked page. Assuming that this is 20 oz face weight and 26 oz total weight, a roll of carpet 16x70 ft (112 ft^2), has a total weight of 182 lb. 5yds x 25yds (125 yd^2) has a face weight of a bit over 200 lb. As noted on the link by @JKBear331 below, the 20 oz is face weight; total weight is 50.6, so the total weight is close to 400 lb.
Caveat: I know nothing about carpet; totally based on googol and math skills.

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I think your math is off a bit there @GeeTwo 16’x70’ should be 1120ft^2. Assuming 20oz per ft^2, that would be 1400lb for the roll

Definitely not 182lbs, ive helped move half rolls before and it takes a lot more than 2-3 minions (err, students) to move it. But like others, I don’t know an exact weight.

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We recently purchased some carpet.
While we don’t have the exact weight, the vendor estimated 200-300lbs per 12’*60’ roll.
Hopefully this helps.

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The roll is 15ft wide, not 16. I’d say ~350 lb for a 70 ft length.

@Fletch1373 These “weights” (really surface densities) are given in units of oz/yd^2

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I figured it wasn’t raw weight, but the site posted didn’t actually list units, and my 30s google search didn’t help much. Oh well. I figured 2/3 of a ton was a bit high

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IIRC official fields use 15 ft wide x 75ft long rolls, so even more than ~350lb

We took a quarter field, it took 15 students, 3 piano dollies, and a few mentors to move it from the field, down a few sets of stairs, out the door, and onto a truck. That was fun, especially at 9:00 PM.
In either case, it’s ridiculously heavy.
I’d say a quarter field is more around 1400 lbs than 182 lbs, but your carpet seems to be smaller, so around 300-1000 lbs sounds about right.

Always remember to lift with your back with a twisting jerking motion too.


Carpet is weighed in ounces per yard. The total weight of the Neyland carpet per square yard is 51 ounces per their website. So a 16 by 70 foot carpet should weigh just under 400 pounds (396.66lbs).

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about 3.50

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Either way it is very heavy.
Based off of this website which is the place first gets it’s carpet if you look at this thread
Carpet source?:
than you can find this name of where/what the carpet is in the seccond post it says this
The FIELD floor is covered with carpet (Shaw Floors, Philadelphia Commercial, Neyland II, 20, 30550, “Ground Pepper”).
then you google that and find this https://www.carpet-wholesale.com/item_211740/Rolls_Of_Carpet/Philadelphia_Commercial/Neyland_II_20/Ground_Pepper.php
it gives it a weight of 50.6 oz but I think that is for a 1ft by 1ft section so a 16ft by 70ft section would weigh about 3542 pounds for the whole thing. I think that is a bit heavy personally. My only experience is using half carpets and moving it in half. The half weight would be about 1771 pounds for a half roll which I still think is heavy but I also don’t have a good perception of weight.

idk but I have a great story haha. I was with my team and we stayed at the end of the regional and we helped to clean up the place and dismounting the field, we asked the organizers if we could keep the practice field carpet, they agreed. Between 6 people we rolled it and pretty it was hard, we were only able to lift it with those 6, it was only half of the actual field. My guess… very heavy

There is no way the carpet FIRST uses weighs over 3 pounds a square foot. The comment that that weight is per square yard seems way more in line.

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can we get that answer pinged as the solved and then people will know

me too I thought it weighed more than a ton for a while by my calculations

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