Weight of charging station

I would be interested to know if anyone has specifications for the weight of the primary assemblies of the charging station.

Our team is already concerned about other factors such as getting the exact hinge from Andymark and using the same surface material (even if it is only laminated with said material). But from watching a number of Ri3D teams test larger robots on their at-home version of the charging station, I’m concerned that the relative weight of the platform will also significantly change how our robot will interact with the at-home version, versus the real deal.

Has anyone been able to locate any information regarding the weight of the primary components of the charging station?

They specify in the wood field drawings readme to add 30.5 lbs per side to mimic the real thing if having a full station.

Also, mention about making the surface with thin polycarb over the plywood, or maybe other ways to mimic the surface better.


I don’t have them on me at the moment, the mass and moments of inertia are listed in the game-specific drawing packages, with the charging station assembly drawings

Awesome, thank you! I’m still antsy about the differences between this and the real thing in terms of movement dynamics, but this is a step in the right direction for sure.