Weight of game pieces (Ringers/Spoilers/Keepers)

Does anyone know how much the ringers weigh?

-Nick 1334

im not sure beacause it doesnt say in the rules but that is a valid question

dont listen to the guy above me! no im just kidding, he is a teammate of mine, just messing with him, but yah, i am the one thats supposed to memorize the rules, and ive done so, but i dont remember anything saying the wieght of the ringers itself

Well the reason I asked is because I too am one of the few stupid souls who volunteered to memorise the FRC rule book. I was worried I had missed something…

I believe that when inflated to the specified 2.5 psi, they weigh roughly 1 pound each.

k, thanks alot everyone

15 ounces

Have you actually weighed it or is that just a guess? I need a fairly exact number

~1 lb. In other words, not much.

FIRST really gave us a break with the game pieces this year. Now the mainpulators don’t have to be as beefy as the ones in the 05 game with the much heavier tetras, and you can’t have more than one piece on your robot either, simplifying most team’s design.

Not really. Have you considered the other gamepiece, which can weigh up to 148 pounds?!? (120lb robot+15lb bumpers+13 pound battery) :ahh:

good point, you could have almost 300 lbs on your robot if you are doing 2. ouch, that can do a lot to aluminum.

It can, but we can most definitely build robots to support more than that.


15 ounces. We weighed it.

Ummm…It’s really hard to tell because the ringers will probably inflate and deflate throughout the match, until they get so deflated that the ref’s will have to blow them up again. So, My Answer is, that it’ll vary. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be concerned with the weight as much as their air resistance…

I weighed the uninflated red one from our KoP on a very accurate laboratory scale and it was 428 grams. That equals 15.0973 ounces or 0.9436 lbs.

they weigh almost the same inflated as they do deflated…air does not weigh much if anything and the difference it has is very samll