Weight Poll

How is everyone doing with the annual weight battle. Did the smaller footprint help you make weight easier or did it not make a difference?

We are currently a tick under 80lbs and will probably finish a tick over. This will be our lightest robot ever beating out our Breakaway robot by about 15 pounds.

Can you really be between 100-100 lbs? :wink:

We’re right there at the max, we have about 8 pounds to play with after all is said and done which is actually a lot to have. Probably use it to spruce up the bot a bit.

Middleweight for us.

And they said a robot made of steel would be heavy. :wink:

We’d love to go lightweight but we’ll be closer to 90lbs.

Haven’t weighed it officially yet, but with everything but shooter (including motors) and electronics, we’re at ~80 pounds. Probably going to go up to 100 with all electronics, motors, lighting, and any other stuff, but won’t hold my breath. The rest of the weight we will have will be used for designing a climbing mechanism to attach on at week 1.

ERdit: Weight without electronics is 87 pounds.

We are trying to find something cheap to use as 10-15 pounds of ballast so we aren’t playing Lunacy on the carpet. Someone thought of a disconnected battery, but I nixed that one…

Doesn’t take a terrible large volume of steel to get up there. We used to get scraps of 1/4" steel plate from the local snowplow factory and stack it up.

We’ve got something like 40 lbs to play with (who knew a simple robot would be so light!), so some ballast is in order to move our CG to somewhere there isn’t structure at 30". :o

We’ve found that the local sporting goods store sells barbells in very nicely marked sizes. Now you can prove while climbing the pyramid that your robot really lifts, bro.

Assuming that cruiserweight is supposed to be 100-110lbs…that’s about where we’ll be weighing in.

75 pounds before climber here.

135 on a good day…

well our team always seems to go big or go home were heavy weight 115 was our weigh in today. I’m just glad no Swiss chesseing needed this year.:smiley:

I think we’ve successfully built the smallest and lightest robot ever to play a match in FRC. As we packed it up for the Colorado scrimmage tomorrow we hung it from a fish scale. Without bumpers and battery it weighed a whopping 37 ilbs. It’s designed to do just one thing-----CLIMB! The size goes hand in glove with the weight. It’s frame perimeter is 78 inches (15 x 24). It has two motors, gearboxes and speed controllers and no they aren’t connected to the wheels. If you’re going to be at the Colorado scrimmage tomorrow come by and we’ll show and tell.