I am just woundering on where everyone is on the wieght of there robot… are you over weigt, underweight, or whatever.

We (as in team 1259) weighted our robot as a whole and plus we added some stuff just to make sure we could make the weight, and even thought we have 3.5ft of 1inch dia. shaft. We are still underweight by 10lbs. :smiley: and also just for a little teaser… our arm goes 11 ft into the air. :smiley:


Just to clarify the rules again, rookies open your ears, this year the robot’s weight limit is 120lbs with NO battery.

now that we have that squared away, our bot seems like it will be within weight…

We are shockingly under weight. So much that I am worried that we went too simple with this year’s bot.

Right now it looks like our completed bot will come in about 80lbs minus the battery. We are actually talking about ballast. :ahh:

I believe that my team will exploit the use of every possible pound this year. Our arm goes up twelve feet! :eek:

The robot is supposed to be done?! :ahh: Quick back to work…

Our robot seems like it will come in underweight, at least from our inventor drawings. Ill try to post our exact weight later…

Have you finished building all the parts yet? put em’ in a box and weight em’.


please search before you post

i am no rookie team and i know it hast to be 120 lbs without the battery i am just woundering about other teams weights!

I am overweight…:frowning: oh!!!your are talking about the robot… it is so skinny …

Like Big Mike said: