Weird CAN Network Issues

So the issue is as such, I tried to run a Spark Max by itself and then another Spark Max that wasn’t supposed to run started running with it, so I tried a different set of Spark Maxes and out of the 3 that were supposed to run only one did however the compressor turned on and off at the same time as that one motor.

I don’t think its the Spark Maxes simply because we didn’t mess with those at all, however, we were doing stuff with the PCM and that may have caused it (however it wasn’t anything that should have affected it (I think)).

At this point, I’m just confused.

Thanks in advance!

Not having messed with the Spark Max’s at all, did you at least update the firmware and give them all different CAN IDs?

If you suspect the PCM, then remove it from the CAN bus and experiment with just the Spark Max’s or vice versa.


Seconding Mark’s questions. It shouldn’t be possible, but multiple devices (of the same type) with the same CAN ID is the only realistic way I can think of that might cause that behavior. (the other is if some bit in the CAN ID is getting flipped and by pure luck happened to correspond with another device… but this shouldn’t be repeatable)

They all have different CAN IDS the Spark Max software throws an error if there are 2 things assigned with the same ID

Have you had anyone else check your user code to verify that it is correct?

It was working before this happened and I didnt change any of the code

I was going to check again though, the weird thing was it did it for two completly different code segments