Weird LED can spark max pattern

Our robot mainly uses Neos with can spark Max’s that have worked fine until now. Today we switched the roborio though and now they are blinking a weird pattern where they go from blue or purple to quickly blinking orange and back. Driving or anything with the motors doesn’t work and we are getting lots of can errors. We can’t find this led pattern or the source of the issues, but the spark max program said the fan network is fine and they all have correct firmware except for one where it can’t get the firmware. Does anyone know what could be causing it

This sounds like you reversed a CAN wire somewhere along the line. I’d check at the Rio and see if you reversed them there, then work your way through the CAN network looking for disconnects or reversals.

The Spark Max program is somehow extremely bad at diagnosing CAN network trouble, due to the Sparks being surprisingly robust against several CAN failure modes. However, we’ve had crossed wires and seen exactly what you describe on one or more motors.

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Thanks a ton, I’ll try that

We just had that problem tonight, due to a disconnected CAN wire, and a battery at 8 volts. It might be worthwhile to check battery voltage while you’re at it.

We were at like 12.3 volts which should have been plenty, all signs seem to point toward a bad can wire but I can’t really check till tomorrow

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