Weird Motor Issues

My team is at champions and we are having issues with our motors were they start jerking around when we try to use them. This issue started at the North Star regional. It happens with our drive base and climbing motors.

We have a swerve specialty drive base with falcons to turn the wheels and CIM’s to pivot them. We have two Neo’s each on two telescoping arms.

We initially thought that it was a battery issue, but have gotten 8 brand new batteries. We don’t even know what the problem is right now. We are team 2129 and are at pit A33.

If you’re using Shuffleboard, take these elements off of it. We had a similar problem and it was caused by Shuffleboard.

Since you’re at champs, find an orange hat or file a Google form request for champs:


Have you checked packets? PC/RIO CPU usage? Loop overruns? CAN usage?

Orange hats are your best bet, but I’d also recommend sending a log graph containing current draw (PD totals), CAN %, roboRIO CPU, battery voltage, and packet loss and latency.!

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