weird motor noises

when i turned on all of the CIM motors in the transmission they make a really loud noise. is it ok? is it a problem with the chain or the motors or the transmission ?
or is it normal?

This has been answered in several posts and is also in the transmission manual. You must grease the transmission with white lithium grease.

sorry for not RTM :slight_smile: thanks!

does it HAVE to be “white lithium Grease” ?

i suspect you might be having a problem similar to the one described here. we had a similar problem with one of our gearboxes, and decided that rather than disassemble them, remove the retainer ring, find the wayward set screws, and re-assemble them, we’d just live with it. Paul Copioli (who designed them) mentioned in this post that the scoring caused by the retainer rings shouldn’t have any adverse effects.

[edit] i also assumed that you removed/replaced the original setscrews on the CIM gears. if this is not the case, then these would cause problems too.

We also had this problem with one of the gear boxes in that the retainer began riding against the outside of the gear teeth. We only ran it for a minute or so before breaking it back down and finding the problem.

As suggested here, replace the retainers with the shorter set screws shipped with the gear box and you should be fine. Don’t forget to use the loctite and grease the gears.

thanks for the info guys!! ! that really helps… cuz ours was sounding really rough… we had greased it well but our first set of transmissions they did not change set screws (for practice bot)… for our competition worthy robot… we are going to change that…


OOOOOOHH… bad call

We used rifle grease…

I found that our gearbox/motor plate didn’t seat fully, probably because of one of the plastic washers in the gearbox. If the allenhead screws were tightened, it would bend the motor mounting plate, which resulted in the motors being bent outwards from each other. I put some shims under the mounting plate, then added some large hose clamps to make sure the motors were parallel. Now the noise doesn’t leak out:)