Weird networktables error?

We are having trouble with a networktables issue that randomly showed up without changing any code…

NetworkTable networktable;

We had a simple code like this. Robo is a table made from roborealm and x is a double value from roborealm. When we run the code and start the subsystem we get this error.

[cRIO] java.lang.ClassCastException: Expected object of type class java.lang.Double but got object of type class com.sun.squawk.StringOfBytes
[cRIO]     at edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.networktables2.NetworkTableNode.getDouble(
[cRIO]     at edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.networktables.NetworkTable.getNumber(

We know for sure that the number being sent is a double so what gives?

Are you sure the value your sending in RoboRealm is a double?

It was working just two days ago with the same code and no modifications so I am fairly sure it is. Even if I wasn’t, i’m using putnumber so it should still work even if it isn’t.

It seems it is an error with Roborealm not sending a double. Does anyone know how to get roborealm to send values as doubles?

I just spent the last two hours working on roborealm and im incredibilly frustrated.

My main problem is that the variable [BOUNDING_COORDINATES] does not update! Im able to send a string that has the different values of the bounding rects but when i move the robot the variable doesnt update it unless i change it to a different variable than change it back to [BOUNDING_COORDINATES]

also, it seems that your unable to change the values of the keys. You have to get a new key but define it as a double before you use it

How would I define it as a double? Also, in response to the problem you are having: make sure to restart roborealm after each time you upload code to the robot or else networktables won’t update from the sent variable anymore!

i had that issue too, but updating from .17 > .18 fixed that.

to edfine it as a double, use

NetworkTable.getTable(?).remove(your key)
NetworkTable.getTable(?).putNumber(your key)