Weird PathPlanner Issue

Since this is our first year making a swerve drive, we don’t have much experience with PathPlanner. However, whenever I try to load a path planner file, it looks like the planned trajectory in the app is the flipped version of the one the bot actually makes, like this:

It’s supposed to start closer to the opposing feeder station, and go farther before continuing the trajectory (on the right), but instead it starts farther from the station and gets closer (left)
Any help would be appreciated!

Path planner has a feature that you enable/disable to flip trajectories for when you’re red. You can either turn that off (second last argument here ) or change your alliance to blue in the driver station.

By the way it definitely looks like you are running ur path planner in non-holonomic mode. Intentional?

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Nope, not intentional. Thank you!


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