Weird Problem

Hi, we are encountering a very strange problem…(Again)

Yesterday our code was working fine, but today in the morning when we added in our compresor code EVERYTHING STOPPED WORKING!, we get communication we can deploy our labview code successfully we didnt change anything at all (software/hardware). Everything as in: the Launcher, ball grabber, all autonomous modes, everything!::S

We get the following errors in Diagnotics panel:>> BuildDashBoard >> Robot
<Time> 14:58: 50 02/12/2012
FRC: The <b> Digital MOdual </b> is invalid or not found. Make sure to set <b> Digital Modual </b> to either <b>Digital Modual 1 </b> or <b> Digital Modual 2 </b> and ensure the modual is plugged into the spot you specified.

Please take a look at our code :frowning:

Please and Thank-You



if your compressor loop is in teleop then the loop never exits and hangs up robot main. I would suggest simply using the compressor pallet tools provided to create code like

What the?

Why don’t you just use the provided Compressor VIs?

You may want to modify the Build Dashboard VI to use the correct slot. There was an issue in the template where the slot is the wrong integer. I think you delete the +1 node.

Greg McKaskle

Hi, we fixed the problem by doing that but as soon as we did that we got this error:

ERROR <code> 1097 occurred at Call Library Function Node in -> FPGA_SystemAsync VI

Edit: When we press run we also get " Teleop is not in memory. :" But its there! :S This also made our autonomous stop working :S Also It counts till Teleop Instance(6) or so. :S Why?