Weird Radio Issue When Deploying

Hello everyone,

This year, we encountered a very weird issue and were wondering if the radio we have could be bad.

We were using our radio, tethered, and were deploying code as we have all build season. Everything has been going fine all season until the other day. Out of the blue, while deploying code, it hangs up at “Sending File Image.Suite”. It never moves after that point. It does, however, still see the robot and Driver-Station is able to control the robot.

The troubleshooting steps we took:

Different ethernet cables
Verified are IP Addresses
Different Radio Ports
Verified Radio was in the Correct Mode
Rebooted cRio
Rebooted Computer
Reverted to Old Code
Re-imaged Radio
Firmware Update to radio
Used FRC Bridge Config Utility to Program Radio
Programed the Radio Manually
Everything Possible Related to Network Settings on the PC.

Nothing seems to help unless we plug in directly to the cRio; we are able to complete deployment perfectly. If we plug in a different radio, deployment completes successfully as well.

Anyone else seen or heard of this issue? Should we contact D-Link?

Can you ftp to the robot with the “bad” radio? Do you have a firewall? It could be blocking netbeans on one network but not on the others.