Weird team traditions

So I have noticed every team has there own weird traditions, like my team always rubs our hands together before every match, and chants (OSCAR OSCAR OSCAR OI OI OI) before every match as well. what traditions do your teams have?

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This hasn’t carried over as much to the current generation of our team, but we used to have a tradition of buying bags of gummy bears before every away regional. We would kick the back of the gummy bears and stick them to the windows of the van and see how long they stuck while we drove. I think that’s died out lately, but a pre match dance started about 10 years ago is still going

In 2017 we had a small squeaky toy dog zip-tied to our pneumatic tanks. Before every match the pit crew and drive team have her a squeak. In 2018 we had a laser etched plate with our team mascot on it on the back of the robot. Everyone gave that a knock before each match.

Maybe these aren’t in themselves traditions, but I guess it’s a tradition to have some novelty pre-match ritual for good luck. We don’t have anything yet for Deep Space so if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them :blush:

I forget exactly what it is for, but every so often my team buys a pineapple for another.

(also we’ve bought cheescake and various other gifts throughout the years)


Every year the drive team and pit crew sign their name on the robot with sharpie. The drive team always tries to make our signatures hidden so only we will ever know where they are.

We also take the most beaten and destroyed part on our bot sign it with the year, and hang it on the wall. In 2016 it was the belly pan, 2017 it was the face of the gear slot. In 2018 it was the panel that covered the eboard on the back of the robot.

Always a fun tribute to the legacy and life of our robots.

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Last year at Michigan DCMP the drive team got a pineapple from our alliance partner 1023 :stuck_out_tongue:


lol nice :slight_smile:
im still not quite sure why we do it

The pineapple is a traditional sign of hospitality and thanks. You might see a pineapple sign at a bed and breakfast for example.

Pit crew does shots of Monster.


On practice days for both GKC and Heartland last year, our skeleton crew would go to breakfast, and somehow it turned into morning stretches in the middle of McDonalds. We plan on keeping this and making it a tradition.

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We always go to Panera Bread after almost all competitions as a team.

1023 has been doing that with all our Elimination alliance partners since 2016. Apparently in 2015 our drive coach gave an incredibly inspirational speech that somehow involved pineapples right before we played on Einstein. Ever since we share a fresh pineapple with our partners.

Ever since we got the Creativity award for a shooter made of plywood in 2012, 1678 has always had wood somewhere on every robot since.


At exactly 8:57 we shout “What time is it!!!” And the rest of the team replies “8:57!!!”
And we put a duct tape rose on our robot (always named Francois (we’re on Francois XX this year))

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Two traditions, saying attaboy to people when they do something good or for encouragement, and going to chick fil a. My personal tradition which is a couple people’s favorites is hitting on girls at competitions and chick fil a. Never worked but I tried

I hate to break it to you but that’s not a team tradition, that’s a 85% of high school boys tradition


It is :joy:

Someone keeps buying an increasingly large number of 5lb containers of animal crackers year after year. Last year we had 4. This year we’re up to 6.


That’s actually really cool, It made me re-look at your past robots. I couldn’t spot it on your 2018 robot though.

Our team has this weird tradition of leaving all their tools, parts, garbage, and food on any available horizontal surface at the end of the night