Weird template stuff in eclipse

Hello, I am Lord Supreme Programmer over at Team 1410 and my mentor and I noticed something weird: the templates for the command based robot is wrong. We compared it to the samples from GearsBot and PacGoat and they’re different! We had to hand write every file so that they worked correctly. Has anyone else noticed this?

Can you be a little more specific? In what way is the template wrong - compiler errors, etc?

It’s just not the way that works. If you look at the template vs. the examples they are set up differently. I am sure that the template will work, just you have to do extra work, which is annoying.
I set up a blank code template with the different set up if you would like to compare the two here is a link:
As you can see some of the main differences are that there is no CommandBase.cpp/.h and the commands and subsystems have .h files that are written differently.