Weird Victor Problems

Ok, so our victors have been acting weirdly lately…
So, like all speed controllers, we have + & - from the PD board going to + & - V of the victor. From there, the + & - goes to the + & - of the motor. Now, whenever we change directions (haven’t made notes yet as to which victors are which color), they go from green to red and then back when go to another direction.
Furthermore, when we put the bot on the floor, only one of the wheels move for strafing (it works perfectly on blocks). Any ideas what could be happening?

Are you tripping a breaker on the PD block?

That’s the only thing I can think of, if all the other wheels and motors are working perfectly on blocks.

Since they work on the blocks, to me it seams like software - the Victors are not getting the % of power needed when running on the floor (under more load)…But then I’m the electrical mentor - we always blame software…

One thing we’ve learned over the years is to always check the PWM cables.
I can not tell the troubles we have had with them.

So you are saying that when you command a victor to full speed in one direction it is green, and when you command the victor to full speed in the other direction it is red?

If so, this is how they are supposed to work.::rtm::

As for not working on the ground, check the output voltage with a voltmeter while it is not working and post the results here. For both the non-working and working please.

not sure wat you mean by that, but they have a 40 amp circut breaker on them

It can’t be software, because it can’t tell under how much load the wheels are in (as far as I know)
And we can’t check the PWM cables being that the robot is bagged and going to be crated and shipped to philly

Well this didn’t happen to us on our robot from last year
And we can’t check the voltages being that the robot is bagged and going to be crated and shipped to philly. besides, how do we check voltage when the bot is moving?

That may be so, but it IS the way they are supposed to work.

Um, maybe run alongside it and read the voltmeter while it’s moving maybe? Or long test wires for the voltmeter? I can think of several more ways, as I am sure you can, too.

Blocks > Long wires, electrocution, and decapitation.

The victors are really supposed to turn green? I’ve never used them, but that sounds a little wonky.

From the IFI 884 User’s Manual…

The LED indicator will be GREEN in
‘full-forward’ condition, RED in ‘full-reverse’ and
ORANGE while in neutral.
Flashing ORANGE indicator on power up. No PWM signal.

If you are not calibrating in software, then a simple calibration procedure will allow you to make full use of your joysticks. The Victor is capable of “learning” the full forward, full reverse, and rest positions of the joysticks. Once calibrated the above indicators will always show at the full extreme of your joysticks.

they are supposed to turn green

got it, thanks :smiley:

I didn’t know that about the leds
and how would i go about in calibrating the victors? Page 2 of the manual describes the whole procedure.

Good luck!

you also could be putting too much load on your wheels and need to change you gear ratio