Welcome new robot friends

I realized that we probably have a lot of new (or old) robot friends here with the removal of VEX Forums. I wanted to start by welcoming you to our amazingtm forum that we definitely don’t actively petition to have shut down all the time

There’s a lot of great things to do on Chief Delphi. So let’s go on a tour, show you the sites, and maybe you can tell us about some of your favorite parts of VEX Forums and we can share in traditions together.

You can watch someone eat a shoe: Eating a Shoe

You can screw up your post and hit the send button too early halfway through your post… And unlike VEX Forums we haven’t deleted the edit button yet!

You can learn to be the best necromancer: Who is the best necromancer?

You can make some predictions that never age poorly whatsoever. 100pt match?

You can look at @Caleb_Sykes’s insane data analysis Sykes Event Simulator 2022?

Read some

So other people who spend way too much time on this site. What else do we want to share with our new robot friends? Maybe someday, they’ll hate this site as much as we do. And we can all be a big happy robot family together…


You can post sardonic oneliners, farming the reactions.

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