Northern New England teams, please join me in welcoming Team 885, Central Vermont Robotics, which as I understand it is a resurrection of an early FIRST team from Rochester, Vermont. Great to have you on board, best of luck in the coming season. Great job, Mike Hodulik, for pulling it together! Please continue to rely on Team 95 in any mentorship capacity we can offer. GO CENTRAL VERMONT!!

I’m not a team, but I give my congratulations to the new Vermont team…and yes…way to go Mike Hodulik for getting it all together!!!
Have a winning season!!!
-Lori- :slight_smile:

Thats awesome. I love Vermont.

Is it anywhere near Burlington, VT? My great-grandmother had a house up there.

He actually used to be on my team as an Engineer for Ethicon, he moved out of area last year and still drove down to every Saturday Morning meeting. Never missed one. He’s a real good person and knows his stuff, Good Luck to his team and everyone…

Brian Team 56