Welcome to FIRST 2011 from Autodesk

I have just returned from Manchester and the unveiling of the 2011 game. I am also up to speed on who Will.i.iam is!

To assist you with this years robot design we are uploading the 2011 KOP, training materials, and starting a BLOG.

The Autodesk Student Community is currently under repair as we make changes to improve the usability. It should be ready soon, so stay tuned for further updates.

In the meantime, if you have any questions I can answer, please let me know.


Phil Dollan, Autodesk


Last year there were problems we had with storing the computer files on our computers. We were told that there would be some design and work with the autodesk vault. Team 514 is just wondering if that will be made available to teams this year so that we can store files and share files more easily than the flashdrive system which is very unconvient. Any help or thaughts are welcomed! Thanks so much inventor is the basis of our robot.

Team 514

We can’t seem to find the KOP for 2011 and also we have no registration info. Any help would be appreciated.

Team 1502
Chelsea High School
First Robotics

We can’t seem to find the KOP for 2011… This is bad… If anyone knows where I can get el CAD-o, please let me know.

Team 702
The Member Formerly Known As Gate Monkey

We haven’t used vault due to our schools network but Dropbox has worked well to keep the files in sync and they have 30 days of revision control. Easy to save and forget about it knowing it will be updated online.


Yes, Autodesk Vault is now available for FIRST users. If you check the FRC Training material for 2010 you will find a tutorial on how to use Vault.

The KOP should be available today, the new site is taking a bit longer than expected to get up and running.

Let me know how we can help.



According to the FRC 2011 Game manual, the 2011 Autodesk KOP was supposed to be released yesterday, I wasn’t able to find it yesterday or today. I searched the KOP archives and the 2011 Autodesk toolkit to no avail. If someone could link me to the KOP as well as the new blog, along with this year’s award specs, it would be much appreciated!


What all is included on the 7 discs that we got in the kit of parts? I saw something about system requirements being like a hundred gigs. So I’m wondering what all is included since I can download Inventor from FIRSTbase and need way less room than that.



Hey, how many activations do we have this year per team/user for each piece of software(inventor in our case)?


I think you are referring to the software bundle you received in the Kit of Parts. This is your software for the season and includes Autodesk Inventor. At this istage, just install Inventor and the Content Center, you do not need AutoCAD Mechanical.

Many of the parts are available as Autodesk Inventor parts. They are located on the Student Community at http://students.autodesk.com/?nd=kitofparts_view&autodesk_submitted=Yes&period_year=2011&sortby=&search_filter=&x=38&y=9

Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy the 2001 season!


Here is the link to the 2011 KOP. Any comments please let me know. Anything missing I can upload to the site immediately.



Thanks for the link, but could sombody expalin why the site is rejecting my logins? Everytime I attempt to log in so I can get the KOP files it says “Unable to log in, please try again.”

I just reset my password yesterday, but it won’t let me in.

I can’t open the 2011 KOP in Inventor 2010, do I need to download a new version?

Thanks Phil.


Did anyone seen the Gates Belt Sprockets?

Thanks Phil, I appreciate it! Also, what is the link to your new blog, and where can I find the specs to this year’s excellence in design award (there wasn’t much information in the game manual, as usual). :slight_smile:

On the Kit of Parts page, select 2011 for Year and enter Sprocket for Search.

The 3 sprockets will display and you can then download each of them.

Let me know if you have any problems with this.

Phil, Autodesk Inc.

The BLOG and Design Award information are coming. The Autodesk FIRST site was due for maintenance on the weekend and as always with these things it had a few hiccups along the way.

Stay tuned.

Phil, Autodesk Inc.

Yes I see them, Thank you very much.

Hi Phil,

Thank you (Autodesk) for providing vault this year. I wanted to set this up in the off-seasion but could not get my hands on it off the student community website.

Now that I have the vault disk I can move forward but I do not see a product key for vault or inventor or autocad for that matter. Are we supposed to get a key off the student website? I have downloaded my copy of Inventor and the latest key for this year but I was expecting a product key with the packaging.

Any information you could provide would be much appreciated.

-Matthew Forman
Team 1515