Welcome to the 2006 season of activities

Hello and welcome to ChiefDelphi

Tomorrow begins another hectic FIRST season (the 11th for team 47) and I’d like to take a few moments to remind everyone using this wonderful resource to please be patient, kind, friendly, sharing, caring, informative, and encouraging while communicating via this website.

We like to refer to our website as our gift to the FIRST community, a place where everyone is welcome to interchange ideas and help make the FIRST experience as powerful and wonderful as it truly can be.

We fully expect that the traffic will increase substantially over the next few days and weeks – we always try to provide the best possible experience for the users that we can.

We have a fantastic group of people that help us out by monitoring the site for us, in order to maintain some level of order. We love these folks and trust them to “do the right thing” for everyone involved. Thank you to each and everyone of them, for making the website as pleasant a place as possible.

To the new folks that come visiting – welcome, we are glad you came by to talk. Please read the rules for posting, but don’t be afraid to ask questions – we have a wonderful community of FIRST participants that would love to help you enjoy your rookie season.
As you can see, our great Web Master (Brandon) has constructed forums for just about any topic that you can think of. We have forums for Technical discussions, Fun stuff, Rules, Programming, Opinion polls, – just about everything. Enjoy looking around and becoming an active poster in the discussion threads.

Seasoned veterans – please be nice to the rookies (I know you will) and remember we were all in the same boat as them once.

That’s it for now – Good Luck to all
Enjoy the season and especially our website,

Mike & Mike
Team 47 Leaders

It might be wise to make this a temporary sticky for the next few weeks. :slight_smile: