Welcome to the Metagame

Welcome folks to week one of the competition and heading in to the competition we already have an established metagame(predomiant strategy). It appears that the predominant strategy at this point in time is to have an alliance control and score two goals while putting balls in those two goals from the floor or from HP. However, as weeks go on and Regional results come in you will see guranteed the same strategies being evolved. Teams this year I believe will use those three precious days after Regionals to “update” their designs so that they can gain the edge on their competition after one competion.
Weeks 1-2 My prediction is the first two weeks you are going to see winners being a two goal bot that can score both goals win with a tank as an alliance partner.So I ask you what alliance strategies can break this very tight plan.
Weeks 3-4 These weeks I believe the common metagame will be a control bot with a partner that can control one goal and can pick up balls from the floor.
Weeks 5-6 Ok this is the point where I am going to be totally off and not know what I am saying but I am going to say tanks with some speed will dominant a.k.a(robots with transmissions). At this point people are going to be worried about controlling the goal and there is going to a pulling contest for each one.
NATs I’ll let you know when I get there!!!
If you have any opinions or conflicting info from other pre-game comps post them here. I’m going to try and update this thread every week and have it as a weekly column.