Welcome to the year of cheesecaking


Something that I’ve seen mentioned, but not really discussed, is cheesecaking this year. There is a very large chance that robots this year will be cheesecaked more than in past years. The reason for this is because it will be relatively simple to slap on or upgrade a simple mechanism onto rougher bots during playoffs. Although a lift or elevator probably can’t be attached in a short period of time, a simple cargo or hatch mechanism would be relatively simple. Or, another thing, the mechanism of a simpler robot might get removed and a ramp cheesecaked onto it, in order to get the HAB ranking point.


Yeah it’s definitely looking that way. Especially since this is also one of the years of velcro which can wear out. There will probably be a lot of simple mechanisms involving velcro I’d imagine. Another possible idea for a cheesecake would be this from a thread already posted so I’ll insert it here:

Anyway. I feel like people might try to make a cheesecake ramp or something. If it is possible then I think only the higher level teams will pull it off successfully on account of how much tweaking you would have to do to a robot to balance it, find a way to attach it, ect.


Soapbox … there’s good cheesecaking and bad cheesecaking. I think most know the difference. From my perspective, good cheesecaking is working together with the team getting their robot modified, ideally, with them doing as much as they are comfortable with under the helpful guidance from the stronger team. They and get better in the process and build a relationship with a partner that can extend into the next season. When the students get into the real world, if they are in an industrial services industry like mine, they will benefit from using this same approach.


I’m not sure cheesecakeing would be a huge benefit. Like you said, a (level 3) climber would probably be too involved. I think most teams will find a way to access the lower scoring elements and that’s 2/3 of the field. I could see putting a ramp on a “box bot” if you don’t already have the ability to climb yourself. Or maybe you can cheesecake something that will allow that robot to climb to level 2. (BTW… ranking points don’t exist in playoffs so getting on the platforms is ONLY good to increase your score by the amount of points you get)


I suspect at least one enterprising team will put together a setup with a Pi Zero and a USB webcam to be cheesecaked to some teams for a cheap IP camera during the sandstorm.


Teams could just carry around a couple of Lifecams, plug them into the roboRIO and run a low quality stream to the Driver Station with a couple of lines of code without the need for additional hardware though.