Welding Instructor Position Jackson, Michigan

At the Jackson Area Career Center we have an opening for a Welding Instructor. We have a recently renovated lab with 26 individual welding booths and many other shop tools available in the lab. Also the engineering / robotics classroom has a full FRC robotics field and many other tools available (Knee mill, CNC router, minimills, small manual brake, and small manual shear). There is no requirement for the welding instructor to be a part of Team 2611 the Jacktown Vectors, but I sure hope to have someone that would be!

Here’s the link to the application page if anyone is interested: https://jackson.munisselfservice.com/employmentopportunities/default.aspx

And the link to the job description: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19pQi4BkBXeH1lnmyfAh-fr8r_C4HkyUe/view

Here’s the website for our Career Center: Jackson Area Career Center / Overview
And the team’s website: https://jacktownvectors.wixsite.com/2611

Also you can get a hold of me through here if you have questions!

John Riedeman
Jackson Area Career Center Engineering Instructor
Team 2611 Jacktown Vectors mentor

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