Welding stainless steel to mild steel... can it be done?

as the title states…

is it possible to weld stainless steel to mild steel?

It is possible - I’ve seen it done in piping applications. They have different P numbers so it requires an uncommon weld procedure - talk to a welder. Generally you can use either filler material for dissimilar metals. You would probably want to purge it - welding the stainless has more problems than welding steel as far as the atmosphere during welding.

Im not an expert but if i was given that task i would either A. Braze it (its like Oxy welding with brass filler) or B. just weld it with something like a 75/25 Ar/CO2 gas.
Why not just test a weld on a small scrap, this way you can check for penetration and all.
Next question… Steel parts and your coming in under weight?!? :smiley:

Welding stainless to mild steel is just like you are welding regularly. Use c25 gas and it will work just fine.