welding table

Anybody know whos welding table this is or how to get one?

Your picture is broken.

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I believe this is the table you are speaking of.

If so, I believe it to be 1538.

This post http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74241&highlight=1538 shows you are correct.

It’s actually not a welding table. It’s really an optical table. Three of them were donated to our school, we took two and sent the third to another local team.

Since it is an optical table, it’s close to perfectly flat. The legs are also designed to isolate the table top from vibration. The table top is about 5’ x 12’ with 1/4-20 tapped holes spaced every 1". This makes an ideal surface for welding frames together since we can lay parts flat, clamp and jig them up with the 1/4-20 mounting holes. After welding we can also use the table to make sure the aluminum hasn’t pulled too much and if it has, correct it.

Since the tables were donated, I can’t tell you where they were purchased or how much they were. I did some research and found one that is the same size for about $6,900 on eBay. The table is not light. If you’re interested in purchasing one, find one near by and rent a truck and fork lift to move it.

Thats the one. How thick is the top?? Maybe I could make one.

It’s 1/4" stainless steel.

Raytheon’s welding table was 2" thick steel that had 1" deep angled groves in it for specific clamps to fit in. The grooves ran the length of the table. The table was about 6’L x 4’W x 3’H and was within 1/16" of perfectly level & flat according to the guy who did our stuff, though he said that to win some contracts they need better. They had what seemed liked a bajillion different types of clamps, from angle clamps to straight clamps to clamps that looked like medieval iron shackles, and had just as many clamps out as they did frame parts when welding our frame. They used and arcwave (I think I got that right? :confused:) TIG welder instead of a syncwave TIG welder for our frame, though they have the option of either. Cost is in the $10’s of K’s for the machines and the table.

The guy that did our welding has welded everything from NASA satellites to DARPA car frames, and it shows – every single one of the welds was near perfect on the first try. Raytheon is one sponsor we want to keep around for ages to come :cool: .