Welding vex Urethane Flat Belting

Does anyone have a good tutorial video link for joint the vexpro flat belting?

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Our team in the past has used a flat iron for hair to do that. You line up the pieces of belt with an inch of overlap and then you pinch it in the iron for a few seconds. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the right amount of time and pressure for a good connection. Too much of either and you’ll end up with the belt being really thin at the connection. Too little of either and they won’t melt together.


One of these should work well. https://www.harborfreight.com/130-watt-hot-knife-60313.html

You need some kind of jig or at a minimum a straight edge clamped to a work surface to keep the belt straight and flat. It’s good if you have a slot so your hot knife can be somewhat below the work surface. Get the knife hot for several minutes, then bring each end of the belt into each side of the blade respectively, keeping the belt flat against the work surface and the straightedge. This is a two person operation. One person holding the knife steady, one person pressing the belt into it. Hold it all there with a mild pressure for around 30 seconds until you get a gooey bead about 1/16" built up around the end of the belt. Once you do, quickly back the belts slightly away from the knife, take the knife out and away, and press the ends of the belt together as firmly as possible, while keeping the belt flat against the work surface and the straightedge. Hold it here maintaining firm pressure for 60 seconds. Trim the excess bead/flash using flush cutters. Sand any remaining flash smooth using a belt sander, being careful not to go too deep.

Note, this is purely a butt weld. No overlap. Done properly, it is as strong as any other part of the belt and is nearly indistinguishable visually.

These are pretty much the perfect heater, except that getting a grip on it and a 120V cable is tricky. Heating wise it runs the belt to temperature and DOESN’T char it!

7457 has done this method for the past 3 years and has yet to have a belt fail on us.


I just got one of their belt welding systems, and got to try it out a few days ago. I’m a fan. The weld turned out great, and it was fairly simple to use.

Worth the money if you plan to use a lot of belts.

We also used this for our 2020 bot. It worked well.

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We use the belt welding clamp found on ebay:

Just the clamp from this post. You can get a hot knife (designed for foam, etc) from Harbor Freight, one of which has already been posted in this thread.

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