Well that wasn't fun ...

… but it worked. We’re on the new server, and everything seems to be working. I let it go at 4:11am and woke up at 7:45am to a familiar website.

Be gentlewith it, we’re functioning on the default php/apache/mysql configuration. The hardware boost alone should help us, but I will need to tweak some settings to make it as fast as it should be. The extra features will be turned on gradually, once I know the new server can handle the load.

Let me know (via PM/IM/e-mail) if you find any problems whatsoever. Everything should be exactly as it was before … just about 3x faster.

Thanks and good luck this season.

Your tired webmaster,

PS: new server, new ‘most online’. i’ve reset that old (incorrect) 517 value.

Thank you!

I took my nap while CD was down now thats its up you should take yours.

Get some sleep

Thanks again,

Noah & Team 637

I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for all your work keeping us happily corresponding here. These forums are the greatest! Muchas Gracias!

Your tireless efforts are always appreciated. 246 sends their thanks!

YAY Brandon!

I think you know how valuable you are to this community. We all appreciate everything you do.

Thanks “Slash”!


You’re doing great. Be sure to treat yourself today, you deserve it!

go Brandon…i was getting worried that i might actually have to do work today instead of browsing CD…but now i know i am safe :smiley:

thanks bud for all your hard work

Thank you, Brandon! Like Greg, you’ve rescued me from what might otherwise have been a productive day! At least I now know that I can survive a build-season evening without CD…

Seriously, though, count me among the multitudes who really appreciate everything you do for us.


Thanks Brandon.

I need to know the secret… How could you sleep??? :smiley:

Thanks, Brandon! Cornflakes are just not the same for breakfast without a side dish of ChiefDelphi!

Thank you, CD Team. We appreciate it. It certainly seems faster this morning, but I suppose the performance test will start at about 3pm EST, right? :slight_smile:

Thank You Brandon!

Brandon, your efforts deserves nothing less than an *Original Matt Adams Haiku - *my sincerest form of gratitude.

The Hero

Brandon shrugs off sleep
for a much greater calling
of saving CD.

Thank you, Brandon!


Thank you :slight_smile:

With CD down… I wasn’t sure what to do with my free time. I almost had a reality check and thought I might go outside.

Does the max users total still include spiders?
Is there a way to exclude spiders if it does?

Oh, and I umm… 2nd, no… 3rd? no… 4th? Ah… whatever… I Thank you a hundred times over as well.

I think Brandon’s birthday should be an international holiday, and CD should be turned off for that day, and the fans used to cool the servers should be used to fan Brandon instead…

Now to get a robot that serves grapes… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and we need a lounge for him…
What team was that who made that robotic couch again? :rolleyes:

It doesn’t include spiders (if they are allowed, or not) … I probably could allow them back now that the server could handle it, though. (done)

Brandon -

Many thanks for taking care of your 100,000 customers who have come to rely on this volunteer project as the main means of sharing ideas.

Since FIRST was pre-internet, no-one ever envisioned the ease that teams could and would communicate.

You’ve created a great Bonus-Feature for FIRST.

Cheers - Vince

I’ve installed Alternative PHP Cache (APC), tweaked the mySQL settings, and allowed spiders back on. Let me know if anything’s being weird.

The only problem I’ve seen so far is that on the old server, it was easier to keep up with the threads. :wink:

Can’t load the firstwiki, seems to be down.