Were Do you go

Were Do you go, If You Win your Regional Competition

Hopefully you have enough money to go to the Championship in St. Louis.

Well You Qualify For The World Championship In St Louis. But Whether You Go Or Not Is Up To Your Team.

That was painful

At your standard regional, there are, at minimum, 6 spots that qualify you for the FIRST World Championships. 3 spots are for the winning alliance (Winning you Regional competition), 1 is for the Engineering Inspiration award winner, 1 is for the Rookie Allstar Award, and 1 is for the coveted Regional Chairman’s Winner. The 3 winning alliance spots can potentially be 4 spots, if the winning alliance calls in a backup robot to replace a no longer functioning robot. As well, this year, the wild card system allows for a regional to qualify “extra” teams depending on the makeup of the winning alliance.

Well, we get two people to start calling out. The first is getting a hold of our main sponsors, giving them the good news and begging for more money. The second is trying to make a reservation at a restaurant nearby so we can celebrate!


Today is your day.
You’ve won the Chairmans!
You’re off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer your robot
All the way to St. Louis
You’re not on your own. Your team with you will go.
And together you’ll decide the best way to go.

Oh the FIRST places you’ll go! :cool:

That was quite a delightful poem.

If only… We got on a bus, and drove through the night back to Missouri. Interesting because the bus had no climate control. They could move a valve under the bus to direct the engine heat to us and sweat us out, or they could shut it off and we all froze. It definitely wasn’t Disneyland. :frowning:

But seeing our friends from 1987 welcome us home in the parking lot at 6:30 am was a welcome sight.

Usually on a cloud!

Cloud 9 I might extrapolate?

And driving through Texas I’m sure you experienced both freezing and sweat multiple times in the same trip.

We go home and sleep. And perhaps if we’re good enough, we’ll be invited to IRI.

After a Regional, we go to the nearest all-you-can-eat pizza buffet regardless of performance.
If we win the pizza tastes a little better, and the moods are a bit brighter.

On a more serious note, we’d really like to get back to St. Louis this year. We’ve been in a dry spell from 2010 onward.

Not since 2002. :frowning:

And it was Disney WORLD.

They can’t handle what FIRST is nowadays. Unless they build a world class domed stadium Orlando won’t ever work out.

I still think Championship should up its cap to 800 teams, using 8 divisions, and Einstein running a full bracket instead of just semis/finals.

The Edward Jones Dome can hold 10 FRC fields on the floor (8 Divisions, 1 Einstein/FLL, 2xFTC Fields in an FRC field sized space), and as far as I understand it, pit space isn’t much of an issue there for twice as many teams as the last 2 years, especially if you drop the pit fields.

That sounds like a logistical nightmare. I’m sure FIRST staff has nightmares about championships with 400 teams alone!

We got this.:cool:

Not to further get off topic, but instead of 8 divisions, I think Championship should stay around 400 teams and 4 divisions, but with each division having 16 elimination alliances (48 teams). This may or may not require moving the Einstein rounds later into the evening.