Hello my friends we are 13 and one half hours away from my team’s departure to St. Louis. Where this year I assure you Big Red Number 2044 will reign supreme. Post when your teams are leaving and what regional.

830 is leaving at 9:30 tomorrow morning to st louis, i cant wait! :smiley:

Leaving tomorrow at 7:45 pm for Portland. WOOOT WOOT!!!:smiley:

staying here in 30 days for the minnesota regional, except leave to be at the comp by 7:45

288 is Leaving at 2:30 pm for St Louis! See You there Team 830!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

818’s leaving at 7:30 A.M. for a 9 hour drive down to St. Louis.

829’s advance team will leave at 4:00 today for St. Louis at the rest of the team will be coming early tomorrow morning.

1038 will be leaving at 3:00 pm today for Chicago!

868 is leaving 4:00 today for St. Louis.
gl teams.

We’re not leaving until the 11th =(
Florida FIRST Regionals: 13-15th

Safe travels to all of those who have to drive or fly to their regionals. And best of luck at your respective regionals. Also, make sure to have a great time.

tommrow around 8 we will be leaving 2 hour drive from newark, nj to the trenton regional hope to see alot of you guys der :smiley:

We’re taking off at 6:30pm tonight for NJ (Philly actually)! I’m excited, but still not ready to go from 70 degree weather to 17 degree weather.

(neither am I packed yet)

One mentor from 45 has already left for St. Louis (he’s helping with field setup). Two more leave at noon today. A vanload of students is going right after school, and will handle uncrating, pit setup, some 'bot work, and the first practice matches. The bulk of the team departs at 6:30am tomorrow.

Team 135’s advanced group will be leaving at 2:30pm for St. Louis and the rest are leaving tomorrow early. We’ll see you guys there and Good luck to everybody

Team 2062 is also leaving for St. Louis today. 19 students and 6 mentors leave at 4pm today. ETA St. Charles is 10pm.

Let the fun begin.

We’ll be looking for all of you.

Let the Indiana invasion begin!


Team 457 leaves March 11th at 6 pm to go to the florida regional. i know its going to be another great one this will be our 3rd time going

4 people will leave next wensday (3/5/08) for VCU and the rest of us will leave on the 6th to take our 90 min drive to go get our ticket to atlanta in april :yikes: :slight_smile: :smiley: :cool: