Were there any teams that used auton and not a vision?

If you did use auton, how effective was it compared to vision?

Does using a limelight with auton code to align the robot count? If yes, there will be a lot of teams that did that. I know 694 did something like this.


oh cool ok yeah that works, thanks! ill check it out!

Team 51 straight up uses auton during sandstorm. Pretty smart, it starts hab level 2 at the edge and then places a hatch on the far side cargo ship. They’re more of a cargo-ship bot so those 5 points are really nice especially for playoffs.

I also know 1684 has an auton used in playoffs where they place a hatch on the front of the CargoShip and then get the other hatch from human load station then line up with the rocket.

987 used purely autonomous code using 2 limelights to track the targets when close as well.

Yup, 1684 uses auton. We have a “bail button” available if things go wrong and the drive team can take over.
We used a 1 hatch auto for most of quals, the one mentioned above in playoffs - hatch on cargoship & get another hatch from load station & line up. (this one is now finished by placing on the rocket next) We now have a two hatch rocket auton as of this week and programmers were working on others.
For us it’s been working well.

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I know 1241 has been tuning their 2 hatch auto. They start on level two and then proceed to place 2 hatches on the bottom of the rocket.

Our team, 2522, has full autonomous. We do have a manual button, but that’s never actually been used, since the auto’s more consistent.

Our two most common are:

  • the farthest cargo ship slot -> cargo -> start on L2
  • the back top hatch slot -> hatch -> start on L2

It’s worked really well for us, and has stayed very consistent (allowing us to win the Autonomous Award at both of our district events!). We also have a limelight for tracking when in tele-op, for us to score easier.

also our robot is sharpie coated

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How does the drive team know when to “bail”? Do you guys have camera feedback with autonomous?

Yes, they watch the auton through camera feedback.

179 is using the same setup as 1241 we have 2 limelights for vision tracking. Come off level 2 score middle far side rocket, get a 2nd hatch pannel, score middle close side rocket.

I would say we are about 50% on getting both right now but 100% on getting one of the two.

We also have a stop auto button

1126 has a one-hatch auto this year.

2702 uses our AXIS F-34 camera system with dual cameras on one side and 1 camera + a LiDAR on the other for full autonomous. We have an override where upon moving the joystick, the robot switches in to “tele mode”. This lets us extend our auto routines in to the beginning of teleop, which is pretty sweet if you ask me.

Edit: We haven’t had time on a real field to test it, but we have a new 2 rocket hatch auto, and it should work better than the old one

How do you handle the transition between auto and teleop?

We just keep all the states that all of our state machines are in, including our helper machines that oversee the auto

5190 has a pretty effective 2 hatch auto

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We ran an auto to cover the front two cargo bays of the cargo ship with hatch panels during the Sandstorm period during eliminations at the UNC Asheville District Event.

My team is using autonomous and we are super excited to present our autonomous programs this weekend! Our team also integrates autonomous vision movements into our autonomous programs, allowing a little more consistency and reliability. My team in general likes using autonomous however.

We have a 2 hatch auto

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That’s a similar auto as us but we don’t use Limelight. It’s a great product but we use our own vision system.