West Coast Drive Bumper Mounts

What sort of bumper mounts do team use for their WCDs? We’re looking to go with a VersaChassis next year. We’re thinking along the lines 2" x 1" tubes attached to either C-Channel or 1/2" x 1/2" tube stock.

Does anyone know of the latches 254 uses to attach their bumpers and how it works? It seems really effective for changing bumpers quickly.

In 254’s 2014 Tech Binder it shows that they use latches to attach their bumpers. Here is a link.

Do you know how the latches work? It’s not abundantly clear.

It looks like they are using draw latches with the handle part on the chassis and the hook on the bumpers. They are used on old luggage and cases. This might give you an idea of how they work.
Maybe they use those wing nuts in the corners as well.

Also, some teams with WCD mill grooves in the supports between the wheels. Bolts on the bumpers drop in the groove and are tightened with a wing nut. Here are some examples of that:

Here is an image of what their bumpers look like, taken from their build blog. Looks like it just sits on top of the 1x1 rails, and the latches hold it inwards.