West Coast Drive Code for LabVIEW

I’m looking for information based on West Coast Drive code for LabVIEW, as this will be the first year my team, 2990 Hotwire Robotics, will be using WCD. All help will be appreciated!

A WCD is functionally the same to drive and program as any other tank/tractor style drive. The main difference is the wheel and gearbox configuration and attachment method. Are you looking for auto shifting, field centric, transition from arcade controls to classic tractor style?

It’s usually a standard tank drive code with any extras you want to add.

Thanks for the info! Do you have any experience with using 2 CIMs and one Mini-CIM per side, for a total of 6 motors?

We did that on an AM14U last year, geared for ~15 fps and overall had a very good experience.

Be warned that, like a 6 CIM drivetrain, it can trip the breaker with extended pushing.

We ran 4 CIM motors originally, then switched to a 4 CIM, 2 mini CIM drive (in the configuration you mentioned) at the NECMP, then to a full 6 CIM at the championship. The NECMP configuration was geared for roughly 18 fps in high gear and roughly 8-9 fps in low gear but with decent torque (using 3-CIM VEX Pro ball shifter gearboxes)

Did you guys adjust the difference in RPS in code or mechanically?

We did nothing to compensate and it worked fine.

You may be interested in cheesy drive

I haven’t used this, but you could also check out team 33’s CulverDrive: